Pastry Perfection

Pastry Perfection

The perfect meal starts with planning and, of course selecting the perfect menu to suit the vison of the planner and the group that is to be served.  Every element should come together to create a symphony of flavors and aromas.  Desserts and pastries are the Chef’s opportunity to present a “Grand Finale” of flavor and presentation that the guest will remember forever.  For years we have baked incredible desserts like Amaretto Bread Pudding, Fresh Baked Cobblers, and pies of all kinds, in 2015 we were blessed with a true professional in the Pastry Arts that has transformed our pastry department.  The plated desserts and pastry tables presented by Chef Maria Reveles are truly works of art.


Maria has used her experience which has been sharpened over 15 years of pastry design for Neiman Marcus and Nick & Sam’s to build a team that can create cutting edge dessert pairings for most any menu. No “out of the box” pastries are acceptable, even for the largest of groups.

As it has been said, people eat with their eyes. Pastries have become a centerpiece for our events that have replaced simple buffet décor with colors, textures and aromas that guests will never forget. Maria’s team now offers an Interactive Pastry Experience right in our corporate test kitchen, where guest’s are allowed to take part in preparation of a variety of pastries, and of course, enjoy the fruits of their labor.


We can’t wait to see what ideas Maria and her incredible team come up with next!


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