Think Tex-Mex for your Next Event in Dallas

Tex-mex buffet

Just in queso you didn’t know – Mexican food is protected under the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. We hold the cuisine in high esteem here at G Texas Catering too! Tex-Mex catering is an easy crowd-pleaser and a great option for all kinds of DFW events. Why choose to cater Tex-Mex at your next event? Aside from the fact that Tex-Mex could be considered a food group in Dallas, it can be served buffet style, at an action station or as part of a plated meal and can easily accommodate all dietary needs without compromising flavor profiles.

All queso aside, Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes are usually well-rounded nutrient-dense meals providing a balanced variety of macronutrients. Tex-Mex cuisine lends itself to accommodating nearly all dietary needs and preferences. For instance, Blue Corn Tortillas would be a great alternative to Flour Tortillas for guests who are vegan or gluten free. Sliced Avocados, Roasted Corn, Vegetarian Refried Beans, and an assortment of Grilled Veggies would make great accompaniments for any meat taco, as well as tasty and satisfying taco fillings for vegans and vegetarians.

A Tex-mex or Mexican menu would meet a variety of Dallas catering and event needs. Chimichurri Steak can be carved at an action station or presented beautifully as a plated dinner. A build-your-own taco or nacho buffet is also an easy crowd pleaser. Bring an element of entertainment to your food service with a Chef-attended or small-plate stations! Food stations are entertaining, innovative and allow each guest to try a variety of flavor profiles!

Tex-Mex catering doesn’t have to be boring or predictable. Ask your Dallas caterer to provide Tex-Mex catering menus that take traditional flavors and make them creative, gourmet and entirely approachable. G Texas Catering creates elevated menus for Tex-Mex Catering in Dallas with plated and stationed choices like Brisket Tostadas with Black Bean Refritos and Queso Fresco, Open Face Empanadas with Spinach, Mushrooms and Crema, Roasted Corn Sauté Station with Grilled Sweet Corn, sliced from the cob to order and pan sautéed with Butter, Kosher Salt, Fresh Black Pepper, Diced Fresh Peppers, Garlic and Parmesan. G Texas Catering also offers a variety of Tex-Mex buffet options like Street Taco and Seafood Bar with Barbacoa Beef, Shredded Chicken, and Spicy Shrimp Tacos displayed on cast iron griddles and served with Southwestern Rice, Tortillas and a large variety of Taco Toppings.

The possibilities are endless when you choose to cater Tex-Mex with G Texas Catering. Elevated Tex-Mex can be made to suit any Dallas event when it’s prepared by the premiere caterer of North Texas.

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile
corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.

How to Incorporate Seasonal Flavors in your Event Catering: Hatch Chili Mac and Cheese

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a catered event is seasonality. Ask your Dallas caterer about what ingredients are in season during the time your event will occur. Your caterer in Dallas should also recommend popular food items from the area and incorporate them in your menu as well! This time of year, in the Southwest United States is known as Hatch Chile Season! As a caterer in Dallas, our culinary teams love to spice up traditional dishes with Hatch Chiles every year – one of our favorites is Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese! Here is how you can re-create this super simple but delicious dish at home!

Hatch Chili Mac and Cheese

Serves (4-6)


2 Large Hatch Chile Peppers

8 oz of Elbow Macaroni

6 oz Whipping Cream

4 oz Smoked Cheddar grated

1 teaspoon Kosher Salt

1 teaspoon Minced Garlic

1 teaspoon Butter


Over an open flame, roast both sides of the Hatch Chiles until they blister. Place the blistered Chiles in a covered dish (such as a bowl with plastic wrap) and let them sit for about 5 minutes. While they sit, the Chiles will begin to sweat. Rinse the Chiles in cold water until their skin has been removed (if you have sensitive hands, you may want to wear gloves). Remove the seeds and finely dice the Chiles.

In a 4-quart saucepan add 2.5 quarts of water and the kosher salt. Once this begins to boil add the elbow pasta stirring regularly. Elbow takes about 9-11 minutes to cook. Once cooked remove from heat and drain

Meanwhile in another 4-quart saucepan melt the butter and add the diced Hatch Green Chiles and garlic. Sautee for 1 minute stirring with rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Reduce heat to medium and add whipping cream. Once cream begins to simmer (not boil), slowly add in the smoked cheddar 1 ounce at a time, using a wire whisk to stir.

Add your warm, drained elbow pasta to your cheese sauce, top with cheese or breadcrumbs – or both and enjoy!

Wedding Catering: Which Reception Style Is Best for Your Wedding?

A wedding is many things: a ceremony, a party, the joining of two families – the list is a mile long! When you look past the décor, flowers and the dress, a wedding is a celebration of love! While planning your wedding, spend some extra time and consideration on the most important part of any celebration – the food! By now you’ve probably determined what your wedding ceremony will look like. Maybe it’s traditional, classic, boho or casual – let your imagination run wild. Whatever your theme is, it should reflect the style and personality of you and your fiancé! The same rule applies to the after-wedding reception. Your wedding caterer in Dallas will help complete the vision you have for your wedding celebration that you want to share with your guests.

Sit-Down Dinner

The sit-down dinner is traditional and often used. The tables will be set before the dinner with centerpieces, plates, silver and glasses. Guests are generally served 3 or more courses by wait staff as they sit at assigned seating.

The benefit is that everyone has a seat at a table, and all are served at the same time. This lets you easily manage the time at your reception for the other activities you may want, such as speeches, cake cutting, special dances, etc. The sit-down dinner also allows you to easily budget for the amount of food you need with little waste. It is also simple. The bride can rest easy knowing that the sit-down dinner is handled by the wedding caterer and she won’t have to worry about any details.

The Buffet

A buffet is served at one or more long tables. The guest takes a plate, chooses preferred foods as they move down the table, and then goes to an assigned or unassigned table to enjoy their meal. This wedding catering option works wonderfully for large parties of 100+. As you can imagine, a buffet allows for more food variety which is great for guests with special diets and a variety of palates while saving costs on waitstaff.

Food Stations

Food stations are similar to the buffet option in that guests will choose their own food and seating can be assigned or unassigned. The difference is that one long table is not used. Instead, several different food stations, with one theme each, are placed around the reception area. There will be several related foods at each station. For example, a Barbeque food station could have Smoked Turkey, Mesquite Smoked Ham with Brown Sugar Glaze, Seasoned Pinto Beans, Mac & Cheese, Sweet Cabbage Slaw, BBQ Sauce and Skillet Corn Bread. Another station may hold all the fixings for Fried Chicken and Waffles and another station may house a selection of salads or even a selection of desserts. The type and number of food stations is determined by the number of guests and the preferences of the bride and groom. This option works wonderfully for large groups (100+). The large variety of food can easily accommodate specialty diets and the theme of your reception. Another advantage of this reception style is that guests may mingle and interact easier as they wander from station to station.

Hors D’oeuvre Reception

The perfect choice for a smaller wedding reception is an hors d’oeuvre reception. Your wedding caterer can station, or tray pass the hors d’oeuvres to your guests during the reception. You can choose from a variety of options ranging from light to heavy, Asian-inspired to traditional American flavors, or a custom menu created just for you! An hors d’oeuvre reception is an ideal option for keeping guests entertained during a cocktail hour before dinner for a bride who doesn’t wish to serve a full meal at her wedding.

Make sure that your wedding reception is as beautiful as the one you planned on Pinterest and tastes as good as it looks! Contact us to begin planning your wedding catering today!

About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners





Worldly Cuisine, Locally Grown

The Reeves Family Farm has begun planting! The G Texas Catering Culinary team loves to utilize fresh, local produce from Reeves Family Farm to create delicious, nutrient-rich meals at events in Dallas. As one of the largest event caterers in the Dallas area, we order and prepare hundreds of thousands of pounds of food every year – we owe it to our clients and our community to ensure that our operation is environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Why are we so happy about Spring/Summer harvest at the Reeves Family Farm?

Eating local is good for us all. “Local” can mean that you get your food from farms that are close by you, but it could also mean going to the farmer’s market and buying from the farmer you can chat with every Saturday morning, or growing your own food in your backyard.

As people are becoming more aware of the food/health connection, more are asking questions about where their food comes from. Highly processed foods may be convenient, but the health benefits can’t compare to fresh food. Likewise, many ask if their produce is local, but also if chemicals are used while it’s growing or after it is harvested. Knowing these things empowers you to make the best choices to eat healthy for a long and vibrant life. Buying from your local farmer is the best option to ensure your food is fresh, organic and at its maximum nutrient level.

Health Benefits to Buying Locally Grown Food

It’s best for food to ripen in its own time. This allows the fruit or vegetable to accumulate all the nutrients possible. Sometimes at the grocery store, you might see a tiny sticker on your fruit or vegetable indicating it was grown in a far-flung location. This little fruit or vegetable may have traveled a thousand miles or more just to get to your supermarket. Before it started its journey, it may not have been completely ripe when it was picked and therefore may have lost many nutrients during the long trek to you. A study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found that healthy nutrients in blackberries more than quadrupled as they became ripe. Take advantage of the enhanced nutrients by eating local produce.

It’s also best to eat food grown “in season” for optimum nutrition. There’s a reason plants grow when they do because that is the time nature allows it to grow to its potential. One study by Montclair State University found that broccoli grown out-of-season had just half the vitamin C as broccoli is grown in season. For the most nutrients and the most flavorful taste, in season fruit and vegetables are superior.

Environmental Benefits to Buying Locally Grown Food

You may have heard the word ‘sustainability’ used to describe farms. This term includes using the land for a common good and using farming practices that will enhance the land. Sustainability is about maintaining a farm long-term, with wise agricultural insight that keeps it producing year after year. Above all, sustainable farmers know how to plan and plant their crops in a way that refreshes the soil and ensures that the land will continue to be useful for crops. Let’s face it, everyone needs farms and farmers. No one wins if farms are divided up into homesteads or business areas. And of course, we all need the produce to keep us healthy.

Purchasing locally reduces food miles (the distance that food has traveled – from the place it was produced to where it will be sold). Reducing the food miles accumulated during transportations will lessen the number of fossil fuels consumed, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Eat organic every day! Fruit and vegetables produced without chemicals mean the produce is organic. A farmer must pay a fee to use the term Certified Organic so many smaller farmers don’t use the term even if they are using tried-and-true organic farming practices.

G Texas Catering is proud to use organic produce from local farms. Our local farmers are artists at working with nature and creating produce that we are proud to serve to you.

About Us:
G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

The Sound at Cypress Waters

Event Venue

The Sound at Cypress Waters, located in Coppell, is a 1,000-acre mixed-use development geared towards creating a space for tenants to live, work and play. The Sound boasts a variety of luxury living spaces, an extensive amount of office spaces, some of the best eats in Dallas and 6 unique event venues conveniently located in the heart of the DFW area. With amenities like live lakeside concerts, outdoor gaming areas and food trucks make The Sound the perfect place to host your event in Dallas.


New Dallas Event Venue


The Sound is a versatile event venue that allows you to choose a format that works best for your event. You can choose from:


  • Event Lawn for open-air or tented events
  • The Sound Stage with amplified sound and state of the art lighting
  • An amphitheater
  • The Town Hall
  • A rooftop deck
  • 1m, 5k, and 10k trails


Only 5 minutes from DFW International airport and 20 minutes from Downtown Dallas this new lakeside event venue is the perfect place to host an out of the box event in Dallas. Whether you are hosting a corporate event, cocktail hour, concert, performance or finding a suitable space for passionate runners, The Sound has you covered. The event space can be customized to fit exactly what you envision from rustic to refined.


The Cypress Waters development is an area to take note of as many big names are setting up shop in this community. Retail giant 7-Eleven is moving its headquarters to the Cypress Waters campus. Several of our favorite Dallas restaurants are headed for The Sound including, burger joint Rodeo Goat, seafood restaurant Flying Fish, Eno’s Pizza Tavern, Ascension Coffee, and Texas-made Landon Winery.


Developer Billingsley Co. is betting big on this real estate project. The integration of art, culture, and events with office and living space is something unique that the Dallas-Fort Worth area has not seen before. As development continues to boom in North Texas, more and more companies are projected to relocate to Cypress Waters.


Interested in having your event in Dallas at The Sound at Cypress Waters? The experienced event planners at G Texas Catering will work with you to bring the vision you have for your event in Dallas to life. Our North Texas team has worked together for more than 16 years making high-profile events a success. We offer bar catering, customized menus guests will love, rentals, staff and event design. Let us assist you with your next event at The Sound!

About Us:
G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

Make The Most of Your Wedding Catering

Make The Most of Your Wedding Catering

So you just got engaged – congrats! Though your wedding may be months or even a year away, it’s not too early to begin to make a plan for your catering needs! There are so many details to plan for on your wedding day – a trusted wedding caterer can take the stress out of the equation by flawlessly executing your plan on the day of the wedding so the bridal couple is free to concentrate on enjoying the celebration. To help you create the wedding of your dreams, we compiled a list of tips to help you make the most of your wedding catering!  

Make The Most of Your Wedding Catering

Tell Your Wedding Caterer About Your Theme

Your theme might be classic, casual, whimsical, bohemian or anything else that expresses your style. Whatever theme you choose, your caterer can tie in details (without overdoing it) in your menu or presentation to bring your theme to life.

Have a Budget

It’s common for thwedding caterer to be one of the largest expenses on your big day. The dinner with friends and family after the ceremony will be your first meal as husband and wife and a unique chance for your friends and family to spend quality time together – It’s a special time that will be remembered.

Be upfront with your wedding caterer about your budget. There’s no need struggle to create a menu on your own – an experienced wedding caterer can come up with creative items to make your wedding dinner unique and special, no matter the budget.

Ask Your Wedding Caterer to Create a Specialty Cocktail

Ask Your Wedding Caterer to Create a Specialty Cocktail

Your wedding caterer can create a specialty cocktail or two to feature at your wedding reception. In recent years, having a bride’s cocktail and a groom’s cocktail has become increasingly popular. This special signature drink will not only speed up the line at the bar but can also gently reflect your wedding theme and your personalities.

Know the Magic Number

You will need to give your wedding caterer a fairly good idea of how many people you will invite long before the RSVPs begin returning to you. Whether your guest list is around 50 or 500, a wedding caterer knows just the right approach to leave your guests happy and satisfied.

Your wedding will have quite a few helpers such as your wedding planner, minister or officiant, photographer, band members, and others who would be delighted to be included in your wedding feast. Remember to add these special people to your catering list.


Remember Your Rentals

Remember Your Rentals

Plates, silverware, tablecloths, tables, chairs, even some centerpieces can be provided by your wedding caterer. Be sure to talk this over with them. Yes, you could rent these separately, but these items generally need to be cleaned, boxed and returned to the rental company the next morning. That’s probably not what you or your family want to do after your fabulous wedding celebration.

Butternut Squash Recipe Building for Custom Catering


Plan for Special Diets

Your guests may need individualized meals. Gluten free, peanut free or vegan guests? Let your caterer know these preferences so your guests’ needs can be met.

Food Stations at Your Wedding Reception

Multiple food stations are efficient, small buffets placed around the venue, which encourage people to walk around and mingle and also reduces the lines that might form when using only one buffet. In addition to entrée food stations, you may want to have a food station with appetizers or desserts. There are many options which your wedding caterer can recommend.

Add the Extra Touch

Perhaps it’s placing a flower on every place setting or using gold forks and knives that gives that special flair to the look of your wedding meal. The food itself can also be used to create a splash. Your guests will love to munch on single-serving items like a little shooter of soup, tiny cheeseburger appetizer or a bite-size skewer of your favorite comfort food: one little meatball or a single, perfectly seasoned shrimp.

 Midnight Treats

Midnight Treats

Cake, music, dancing – your guests may never want the party to end! Give them the energy to carry on with a midnight surprise of your choice. Maybe it’s a sweet treat, like milk & cookies, mini cupcakes or perhaps it is something heartier like tiny grilled cheese sandwiches and a tiny cup of soup. Your wedding caterer can help you decide the perfect treat to end the evening.

What’s not to love about a wedding? The romance, the dress, the gathering of friends and family, the flowers. All these things combined create the wedding ceremony of your dreams. And once the promises have been made, it’s time to let G Texas Catering handle the details so you can relax, kick back and share a meal with your favorite people.

About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

Dallas Catering: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Cup cake picture , G Texas is a leader in Dallas catering

The G Texas Catering team has been busy this month creating spectacular Holiday events all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year because of the unique events we get to help bring to life! From an elegant cocktail party to casino night and a circus extravaganza – this year brought out the best in our entire Dallas catering team! Here is a recap of some of our favorite holiday events this year

Dallas Catering

Dallas Events: Friendly Competition at Casino Night

StoneEagle, an industry leader in automotive retail software, hosted their holiday party at CrashedToys, an auction house for motorcycles and sleek cars, each with a scratch and dent story. Their corporate holiday party was casino themed with a Roulette wheel, a Craps table, Blackjack tables and Texas Hold ’Em tables. Along with a variety of Nosh Boards and various stationed appetizers, waiters carried trays of different hor-‘d oeuvres such as Jalapeno Mac n Cheese Muffins, Brisket Tostada with Black Bean Refrito and Queso Fresco, Chicken and Smoked Bacon Knot with Fresh Jalapeno and Southern Grits Cake topped with Cajun Shrimp with Lemon Aioli.

allas Catering A feast fit for king

Dallas Catering: A Feast Fit for a King

KPMG, one of the leading tax, audit and advisory firms, had a merry corporate holiday party at Gilley’s Dallas. This corporate event for 900 guests began with a Nosh Table made up of Hill Country Smoked Sausages and Cured Meats, Olives, Pickled Okra, Roasted Red Peppers, Spicy Mixed Peppers Stuffed with Feta and Ricotta Cheese, Marinated Mushrooms and Cornichons served with Hearty Grain Mustard, Crostini and Artisan Breads

  • Asian Stir Fry where guests selected from Fresh Vegetables, Steak, Chicken and chef-prepared 3-Spice Blends paired with Steamed Rice, Udon Noodles, Soy Sauce, Chili Garlic Sauce and the ever-popular Fortune Cookies.
  • Blackened Chicken Skewers served over Mac n Cheese.
  • Chef-Carved Smoked Turkey served with Kicked Up BBQ Beans and Sweet Cabbage Cole Slaw.
  • Sizzling Italian Beef Sliders with Giardiniera and Pan Jus.
  • A party wouldn’t be complete without a Dessert Station made up of Chocolate Silk Tarts with Whipped Cream and our special Amaretto Bread Pudding with Lemon Crème Sauce.
  • Chef-Carved Smoked Turkey served with Kicked Up BBQ Beans and Sweet Cabbage Cole Slaw.

As the celebration continued, late night food was served from 10:30 to midnight. This station served Grab-and-Go Late Night Breakfast Burritos; Spicy Sausage with Egg and Smoked Cheddar; and Bacon with Egg and Smoked Cheddar. An assortment of colorful, fresh Donuts were displayed on The Party Resource’s Donut Wall! Hot Chocolate and Spiced Cider was served to chase away the winter chill before guests made their way home.

Dallas Catering: Elegant Cocktail Party

The Urban Land Institute works to create thriving communities by monitoring responsible land use, so of course, they couldn’t resist the urge to celebrate the holidays with a beautiful view of the outdoors. ULI had an elegant cocktail party on the ARTISAN Terrace. The clear, heated tent was resplendent with hundreds of white lights that created a sparkling winter wonderland. Guests toasted the holidays with two special holiday cocktails, Red Cosmos and Midori Vodka Sours. As guests mingled, they were offered delectable hors d’oeuvres like Margarita Bruschetta with Beefsteak Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Herb Infused Olive Oil; Hickory Smoked Brisket on a Silver Dollar Roll, Signature BBQ Sauce and Diced Pickle; Blackened Shrimp on Southern Grits Cake with Cilantro Crème Fraiche; Gluten Free Chipotle Honey Glazed Bacon Wrapped Chicken Knot; and our vegetarian Mini Mac n Cheese Muffin with Smoked Cheddar and Panko.


Dallas Events: Christmas Circus Extravaganza

G Texas Catering was busy under the big tent at a circus-themed event for Varidesk at Gas Monkey Live. Upon arrival, guests were greeted at the door by fire-breathers. After walking through draping on the door, guests were mesmerized by the red and white décor of the main room. Round tables were covered in red, with red and white striped napkins, mimicking the look of the Big Top. Several different centerpieces appeared on the tables: giant balloons with confetti, popcorn boxes with white carnations, and golden, mustachioed manikin heads wearing top hats with scattered rose petals. A large stage showcased a hula hoop artist, jugglers and men on stilts. A routine by a contortionist was performed on the bar.

Guest’s meal began with a variety of hor d’ouevres like Margarita Bruschetta with Beefsteak Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil and Herb Infused Olive Oil; Smoked Comino Chicken Tostada with Crushed Avocado and Fresh Cilantro and an Avocado Shrimp Salad with Key Lime Vinaigrette in Toasted Crepe Cups.

The seated dinner was composed of a Mixed Greens Salad with Sliced Strawberry, Jicama, Candied Pecans, and Raspberry Vinaigrette and a choice of four entrees: Herb Roasted Chicken Breast with Chardonnay Velouté Sauce; Tender Beef Roast with Au Jus; Oven Roasted Salmon with Champagne Bruere Blanc; and Roasted Vegetable Napoleon with Balsamic and Fresh Rosemary. Accompanying each entrée was Fire Roasted Vegetables and Garlic and Herb Roasted Baby Red Potatoes and an Italian Cream Cake with Caramel Drizzle or Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

After the meal, the stage featured the band Cover Down, a seven-member party band playing rock, country and Top 40 music.

G Texas Catering is dedicated to bringing the vision you have for your event to life, indoors or out, at the venue of your choice. Our seasoned event planners can also offer insight on themes, sites, menus, decor and more. Contact us to begin planning your event

About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

Dallas Catering: A Delicious Look at Conventions in Dallas

Hotel and Entertainment

Conventions in Dallas

Dallas is one of the most unique cities in the U.S. It is known for its rich history and its one-of-a-kind sites! This is precisely why Dallas is also home to hundreds of conventions for organizations such as Mary Kay, Fire Rescue International Conference, Mobile Electronics Association, Ambit Energy, BMW Dallas Health & Fitness Expo, Dallas Safari Club and many more. These meetings and conventions bring thousands of people to Dallas every year looking for the best Dallas catering options, entertainment, hotels and event venues.

A tremendous amount of planning goes into a large convention. Not only is there detailed planning for the actual convention meetings, but there is also an enormous effort behind the scenes. The work of convention planning entails choosing the right city to host several large events, finding an event venue of the correct size for all meetings, and booking a convention hotel in close-proximity, preferably with added local interest. Preparation for these events can begin years before they take place. The best place to start working on the details is at the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau!

Catering in Dallas


Butternut Squash Recipe Building for Custom Catering


Dallas Catering: Convention Catering

Convention Catering is completely different than catering other events; Convention groups are much larger than your typical event. They require many meals over the course of several days and oftentimes ask that special arrangments be made for VIP guests in green rooms or backstage catering for a band or other types of entertainment.

Dallas Convention Caterer John Gilbert states, “Most conferences are the culmination of at least a year of planning. Meeting Planners typically structure special events so that people can mingle. A key part of any conference is networking with others in the industry and showing your appreciation for their participation with a good meal and entertainment.” G Texas Catering frequently feeds large groups of up to 4,000 and their team are experts in providing delicious meals, presented beautifully to crowds of this size.

Hotel and Entertainment

Dallas Conventions: Hotels and Entertainment

The best convention hotels are large enough to hold the entire convention group and near the convention site. A few of Dallas’ convention hotels are the Omni, the Hilton Anatole and the Sheraton. These sumptuously appointed hotels may include pools, restaurants, a fitness center, a coffee shop, or

perhaps a spa for the guests’ enjoyment. Even with all these amenities, guests will eventually want to venture out and get a feel for what Dallas has to offer.

Dallas is a welcoming city for convention attendees. Those who visit Dallas are not disappointed, with over 77,000 hotel rooms, a variety of restaurants, large and small venues for catered meals and entertainment of all kinds including a dynamic nightlife.

Dallas boasts the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation. The Dallas Arts District is home to award-winning organizations and some of the most talented artists in the visual and performing arts in the world. In addition to its talent, the Arts District is a destination for dining, shopping and Instagram-worthy backdrops.

Sports abound in the area with Dallas Mavericks basketball, Dallas Stars hockey, Dallas Cowboys football, Texas Rangers baseball, Dallas Tornadoes soccer, not to mention the numerous area college leagues and games.

For those seeking the authentic cowboy experience, head over to Gilley’s Dallas, a short walk from the Convention Center, for a ride on the mechanical bull. Snag a timeless souvenir at Lucchese Bootmaker (pronounced Lou KAY See) for a new pair of custom boots.

celebrating the life of President John F. Kennedy

Enjoy Dallas’ famous history. Fair Park offers not only an exceptional museum but also varied art exhibits. Visit Dealey Plaza, the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination – you can even have a catered meal for the group at the interesting Sixth Floor Museum, rife with Presidential history and great views. Another stunning historical site is the Old Red Museum which holds many treasures such as Bonnie and Clyde’s pistol, an 1892 authentic Texas courtroom, and J.R. Ewing’s handmade Stetson cowboy hat from the iconic TV show Dallas. The Old Red Museum, with its soaring ceilings, chandeliers, and amazing architecture is also a beautiful venue to host a catered event for your group.

For hands-on fun, try the Perot Museum with interactive displays for all ages. The Dallas Zoo has an array of animals, lions that linger outside the windows of a restaurant, and allows guests to feed the giraffes at giraffe eye level. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden with its seasonal displays of amazing floral creations is a favorite of locals.

The friendly and diverse city of Dallas is made for conventions and meetings! Let Visit Dallas and G Texas Catering take care of the logistics and catering – worry about experiencing all the fun Dallas has to offer!

About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

Bar Catering in Dallas: What is the Difference Between Rye Whiskey, Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky?


Whiskey is the drink of choice for many people around the world. In fact, the Gaelic word for Whiskey means “water of life.” Even though it is one of the most popular beverages in the world, there is much confusion surrounding the different types of Whiskey and what makes them different. We asked our Expert Mixologist, Matt, to answer some of the most-asked questions at a G Texas Catering Whiskey Tasting at events in Dallas

How is Whiskey Made

Bar Catering in Dallas: How is Whiskey Made?

Whiskey gets its start as ‘mash’ when water is added to malt. This process encourages the malt to germinate quickly, creating sugars. The type of water used in this step is paramount to the success of the whiskey – many distilleries are near natural springs for this reason. The mash’s sugars are mixed with a little yeast to create alcohol and fermentation begins. This immature alcohol goes into a still and is distilled up to three times to increase the alcohol content.

In preparation, oak casks (barrels) are charred on the inside. The whiskey is put in the casks where the charring turns the whiskey from clear to a golden brown over time. For two to three years, the whiskey remains in the cask, maturing. Unlike wine, whiskey matures in the casks, not the bottles. When it is finally time to bottle the finished whiskey, sometimes certain casks are mixed together as they are filtered to create a blended whiskey.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Scotch Whisky

It is no surprise that Scotland, known for its moors, intemperate weather and rocky countryside produces a rugged and earthy liquor. Scotch also goes by the name Scotch Whisky and is made from malted barley. To be considered Scotch, it must be entirely made in Scotland and must be aged for 3 years in oak casks to create the optimum flavor. Scotch has a complex taste, redolent of wood and smoke. It is generally regarded as the smokiest of all the whiskeys.


Bar Catering in Dallas: Rye Whiskey

Spice is the dominant flavor in Rye Whiskey, though the essence of different fruits will also make an appearance. Rye Whiskey has a spicy taste that has been described as a “hard-edged version of bourbon.” Most will agree that rye produces a bit of a bite, in a good way. Taste this full-bodied whiskey for yourself. There are two different types of Rye Whiskey: American Rye Whiskey and Canadian Whisky.

To earn the name of American Rye Whiskey, the beverage must be distilled from at least 51% rye grain. Often, various amounts of barley and corn are added to the rye. When aged for two full years, American Rye Whiskey can be labeled ‘Straight.’

Canadian Whisky is the second type of Rye Whiskey. There are no strict rules defining what goes into Canadian Whisky, so it may be made from any grain, as long as it has a bit of rye and smells, tastes and has the traditional characteristics of Canadian Whisky. Only one producer in the world, Canada’s renown Alberta Premium, uses 100% rye mash in their Canadian Whisky. The loose definition of Canadian Whisky results in many different tastes within this category. A trained Mixologist can help you uncover which whiskeys suit you best.

Irish Whiskey

Bar Catering in Dallas: Irish Whiskey

The Irish are known for their easy-going, unhurried attitudes. Unsurprisingly, the rules for Irish Whiskey are just as relaxed, stating that any type of cereal grains are acceptable ingredients and if more than one grain is used, it must be labeled as ‘blended.’ The only other requirement is that it must be aged for three years using wooden casks. All whiskey produced in Ireland is considered Irish Whiskey. These loose rules encourage many different flavors and nuances in wonderful Irish Whiskeys. Irish Whiskey, though less sweet than Bourbon, is quite smooth. It can also be complex, with deep flavors.

Whiskey or Whisky?

Perhaps it’s a small thing, but the letter ‘e’ is absent in both Scotch Whisky and Canadian Whisky. Both countries, Scotland and Canada, have been making whiskey for many decades, perhaps even centuries and the old spelling is long entrenched.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Try, Try, Try!

See for yourself what the Scottish and Irish folk have been perfecting “across the pond” for all these years. Does the historical aspect of Ireland intrigue you? Do you wonder if the fighting spirit of bygone Scotsmen was a result of their whiskey? Do the spicy tones in Rye Whiskey tempt you? What could be better than learning more about or developing your passion for whiskey? Our Expert Mixologist will

educate your group about whiskey’s finer points and help you find out which tastes appeal most to you with a personalized Whiskey Tasting at your event in Dallas with the G Texas Expert Mixologists.

For more information about Whiskey Tastings and how to taste Whiskey, check out our blog here.

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Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tastings


Event planners in Dallas are always looking for new ways to create a “WOW” factor for their clients. One way to do this is to incorporate entertainment into your guest’s culinary experience. Interactive bar stations have become one of the most popular trends for bar catering in Dallas. One of our favorite ways to incorporate excitement into bar service at an event is a Whiskey Tasting.  

The great thing about a Whiskey Tasting is that it entertains as well as educates. Generally, five or six whiskeys are chosen for the tasting. You can choose these based on personal preference or because they are alike (whiskeys from Texas) or because they are entirely different (bourbon, rye, scotch). During a Whiskey Tasting, an expert mixologist will share a variety of details about each whiskey and teach you a bit about the way whiskey is created and the differences between them. Unlike wine tastings, little emphasis is placed on the look and color. The majority of the tasting focuses on isolating the strong and subtle flavor differences.

Bar Catering in Dallas Whiskey Tastings

Bar Catering in Dallas: Flavors Found in Whiskey

Whiskeys are varied in taste due to the ingredients used to create it. For example, flavors can change based on the flavor of the water used in malting, or the different types of grain or grain combinations. The barrels are also a factor. These interesting combinations are what makes each whiskey special. According to experts, five different qualities may appear in whiskey:

·         Sweet Aromatics, such as chocolate or caramel

·         Spice, such as ginger or nutmeg

·         Fruit and floral, such as plum or lavender

·         Wood, such as oak or cigar box

·         Grain, such as corn or barley

Bar Catering in Dallas: How Do You Taste Whiskey?

During a Whiskey Tasting, an expert mixologist will teach you how to taste the whiskey in a way that will allow you to fully appreciate all its flavors. Part of this process is learning to detect the aromas within each whiskey. The whiskey in the glass divides into three parts: the bottom holds the heartier scent, the middle holds the stronger, acidic elements and the top of the glass contains the lighter scents. Each person’s sense of smell can detect millions of scents. The smell begins in the nose and travels into the nasal cavity and passageway. When tasting whiskey, vary the way you draw air into your nose, sometimes deeply and sometimes lightly to best sample all the subtleties of the liquor. Also, during the tasting, occasionally drink small amounts of mineral water to cleanse the palate.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 1

In order to enhance the experience, do not place nose directly over the glass. Instead, hold the glass where the top of the glass is above your nose. Try not to move the glass, no swirling, but allow the scent to remain concentrated and wait for it to come to your nose. This is where you will contact the lighter, softer elements such as fruit or floral hints from the top of the glass.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 2

Turn the glass onto its side, perpendicular to your face. Hold as steady as possible. Now you can smell the heavier scents such as woody, earthy elements at the bottom of the glass. Next move the glass upward slightly to smell the middle of the glass. These usually smell spicy, winey or malty.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 3

Now that you have isolated the different parts of the whiskey, it is time to taste. Taste the whiskey in tiny sips and hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds to let the full flavor come out. Move it to the front and back of your tongue to reveal all the flavors. After swallowing the sip, exhale deeply to taste the ‘finish’ of the whiskey.

One additional step you may want to try is to add a drop or two of room temperature mineral water to open up the taste of the whiskey. Be careful – too much water may dilute the flavor.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Book a Whiskey Tasting

Not only is each whiskey unique, but preferences are also different. Matching a whiskey to someone is not as easy. Your preference may be entirely different from your best friend’s favorite. Our Expert Mixologists will take you on a personal journey to find your favorite whiskey when you book a Whiskey Tasting with G Texas Catering.

About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners

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