AT&T Performing Arts Center Sets the Standard for Concessions Catering

Concession stand at Winspear Opera House by GTexas Catering

Most people think of canned nacho cheese, stale chips, and frozen hotdogs, or hamburger patties as concession food – but the arts district and the clientele of Dallas demand upscale concessions. Our team has excelled in creating the flavors to fit the environment for a perfect guest experience! Upscale venue concessions can range from higher-end prepared food to fresh-made on-site. The AT&T Performing Arts Center is one such example of the latest trend in upscale concessions with a wide variety of shows and events for the city to enjoy along with them.

Strategic Bar Catering

bar concessions at ATTPAC by GTexas Catering
Strategic concession stands around the venue help customers get drinks and food quickly while preventing bottlenecks.

Our team partnered with the AT&T PAC to prepare strategic points on each level of the building, which provides an easier way for guests to purchase beverages during short intermissions and prevent time-consuming bottlenecks. Their patrons can purchase the beverages they need without the hassle and return to their seats without the need to rush!

Beyond creating a free-flowing environment for their patrons, our team has crafted event-specific cocktails for each bar location and has an ongoing selection of hand-picked house beverages, including wine, beer, and more from locally sourced suppliers.

Upscale Concessions

Charcuterie nosh boxes at Winspear Opera House by GTexas Catering
We’ve created exquisite Nosh Boxes in both savory and sweet options.

Creating unique experiences for the artistic environment that is the AT&T Performing Arts Center is why we love upscale concessions catering! From chef-prepared dishes to elegant bar catering, concession stands have gone from “basic” to palette-pleasing. G Texas ensures that not only is the experience memorable for each guest, but that the flavor of the dishes allow you to savor more than you’d imagined. Having a full-service catering company on hand at these venues sets the standards high for the catering industry, changing the future of the upscale concession experience.

In Conclusion

Partnering with a team like G Texas, which values the upscale experience of catering, alongside the event’s overall success, allows for an excellent upscale catering experience! The AT&T Performing Arts Center is the perfect example of a well-rounded partnership that sets the standards above and beyond for an exceptional experience of concessions catering. Experience some of the newest offerings our team has crafted while visiting the venue – check out all of the upcoming events by clicking here. Contact our team today if you’d like to have our team craft an upscale concessions experience for you!