How To Plan a Breakfast Catering Event in Dallas

Chicken and waffles at a breakfast catered event

There may be a variety of reasons you’d want to plan a breakfast catering event. Maybe it’s for a company meeting or gathering, a brunch for a bride, a corporate event, or even a get-together for those who just love breakfast! When planning an event of this caliber you’ll want to pick the right dishes, ensure you have the right drinks, and pick the venue that leaves lasting memories. Read our tips for hosting the best breakfast catered events in Dallas!

Sunny & Hearty Dishes to Start

chicken and waffles

Everyone loves a good breakfast dish and when it comes to catering a breakfast event, our team always makes sure that we have a menu that offers the breakfast staples. The Homestyle Breakfast Buffet includes all the favorites with scrambled eggs, bacon, skillet potatoes, assorted pastries, and sliced fresh fruit. For a more simple option, we offer the Continental Pastry and Parfait Breakfast with assorted chef’s choice pastries, yogurt parfaits with granola and fresh berries, and a seasonal fruit tray. Want to spice things up? Add in egg frittatas, avocado toast, or a breakfast taco buffet. Adding a mix of old-fashioned items and some new and fun meals is sure to excite your guests and have them coming back for more!

Perfect Breakfast Drinks

coffee at a catered event breakfast bar

From mimosas to sangria and everything in between, you’ll want to keep these drinks flowing at any breakfast event. However, there may be times when it’s less about a leisure party and more about a work meeting or conference, so keeping dependable staples such as coffee, juices (orange, apple, or cranberry), and tea on hand is always a great choice. Speak with your caterer about how you can customize your breakfast drinks to best fit the needs of your event.

Bright & Airy Venues Are Best

Bright and airy venues for breakfast events

The final thing you’ll want to think about for your breakfast event is the venue. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you might be searching for an outdoor venue with great views of the city, a fully indoor venue with a more corporate ambiance, or a mix of both indoor and outdoor spaces! One of our favorites is the C. Vincent Prothro Lobby in the AT&T Performing Arts Center Winspear Opera House. It offers gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that give off ample morning light, and with over 10,000 square feet, it can fit over 800 guests reception-style! Whatever your choose, you’ll want to make sure the venue is as bright and airy as possible so it pairs well with your tasty menu and your vibrant breakfast drinks.

Throwing an event with a breakfast menu can be a fun way to shake things up and create an event that your guests will remember. Keeping the menu mixed with old and new favorites, and pairing those dishes with delicious drinks, all in the perfect light and airy venue will make your event one for the books. When you’re ready to plan your next breakfast-inspired event, give G Texas Catering a call and we’ll plan it right along with you, sunny side up!

The Top Wedding Catering Trends of 2023: G Texas Catering’s Expert Guide

Exploring Cuisines for Catered Events

When it comes to planning your special day, one of the most significant aspects that guests eagerly await is the tasty cuisine of the night. Wedding catering has evolved over the years, with couples now seeking unique and memorable dining experiences for their special day. As we dive into some great wedding catering trends for 2023, let’s explore a few of the endless options. From innovative menu options to immersive dining experiences, these trends will elevate weddings to new culinary heights.

Exploring Cuisines for Catered Events
Incorporating dishes from around the world can add a unique touch to your wedding and impress your guests.

Exploring Different Cuisines

Maybe you had a dream of a destination wedding but not quite the budget for it, a great way to bring in the travel flair without breaking the bank is through the cuisine. Incorporating dishes from around the world can add a unique touch to your wedding and impress your guests. Maybe considering an Ethiopian-inspired entree or an appetizer from Morocco. What about some Spanish Tapas or a Korean-style Filet Mignon? We’ve also seen couples embracing their culture and heritage through their wedding catering. This adds a very personal touch to the wedding that guests delight in exploring!

cauliflower steak dinner made from organic ingredients
Following this great catering trend of focusing on healthier alternatives and sustainability will help create the dining experience of a lifetime.

A Push Toward Organic

As more people opt for plant-based diets and sustainable meals, this is a great idea to incorporate into your menu when planning your wedding meals. With this trend, couples are preferring locally sourced, organic ingredients, along with trying to reduce food waste. Not to mention, many people have dietary restrictions, so making sure your menu has alternatives is a great way to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Vegan and Vegetarian options are becoming more elaborate and flavorful! This great catering trend of focusing on healthier alternatives and sustainability will help create the dining experience of a lifetime.

Weddings are trending to Immersive Dining Stations
Interactive food stations allow guests to personalize their meals, adding a touch of preference and excitement to the catering experience.

Immersive Dining Experiences

Interactive food stations are another great trend in 2023, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a dining experience throughout the wedding reception. This also allows guests to personalize their meals, adding a touch of preference and excitement to the catering experience. Whether it’s a mac & cheese bar, a tater tot station, a pasta station, or a multi-tiered taco station and DIY dessert bar, these interactive setups encourage guests to become active in their dining experience and allow them to create memories.

In Conclusion

Wedding planning has truly been elevated through the years. Gone are the relics of the past that make you feel like you’re at a corporate lunch instead of a wedding. Couples everywhere are finding new ways to bring in delicious dishes from all over the globe while thinking greener and ensuring that they are choosing options that are more sustainable. When you add in an interactive food station at your wedding, it will take it to a new level that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come! Are you ready to start planning an elevated dream wedding? Reach out to us today and let’s get started.

From Brunch to Late-Night Bites: Event Catering for Different Meal Times

Chicken and Waffles Brunch by G Texas

Planning an event means considering all the little details, from location to food and everything in between. That said – one of the essential items to consider is the time of your event. Whether it’s an early morning company training, an elegant evening reception, or even a late-night poker party, G Texas Catering has you covered with the perfect menu options that fit the time of your event! Yes, your menu items should directly correlate to the time of your event so that you can sufficiently meet the needs of your guests!

Early Day Events

grab and go pastries from G Texas
Grab ‘n go pastries make moving around events easy for attendees.

Kicking off your early-day event with an array of food and beverage options can set the tone for a bright and cheerful experience for your guests. For example, some crowd favorites for our earlier events include bright mocktail beverages, delicious assorted pastries, and chef-inspired grab ’n go lunches. We like to focus on menu items that can quickly be served to guests so they can enjoy a delicious bite before participating in the rest of the festivities planned!

Other options we love include a tasty spread of fresh salads and sandwiches that can be customized and ready to serve according to your needs. Of course, we can’t forget charcuterie arrangements and displays, which are an eye-catching option that guests can also enjoy!

Evening Delights

Filet dinner from G Texas
Elegant meals will impress your guests.

As the sun sets and the stars come out, catering for the evening is the perfect opportunity to dazzle guests with unforgettable dishes. From elegant entrees to savory sides, the options for your event are endless. For a luxurious touch, a classic Filet Mignon served with roasted Shallots, and savory wild Mushrooms from our plated menu is always a great choice. For a lighter option, we recommend something off our small plate station, such as the Spicy Gulf Shrimp Ceviche Shooter served with Chili Cumin Chips. A popular vegetarian option is our delicious Roasted Vegetable Wellington, which will surely please any plant-based eaters at the event.

Our team can fully customize your evening meals and beverages to cater to your event perfectly. We understand that a well-crafted evening dish can leave a lasting impression on guests and make a memorable event that much more special!

Late-Night Bites

Sliders make great late-night bites!

Chicken and Waffles Brunch by G Texas
Chicken & Waffles make great late-night snacks!

Delicious late-night bites are an increasingly popular menu request we are seeing for those events that linger late into the evening. After hours of conversation, dancing, and participating in event activities, you’ll likely want something light for your guests to enjoy before they head out the door. The best late-night bites, in our opinion, are packed with flavor but easy for guests to grab and bite into! Some of our current favorites include Chicken and Waffles, Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots, Pretzel Bites with Cheddar Sauce, Chicken Flautas, Cheeseburger Sliders… The list goes on!

No matter the time of your event, we can design the perfect menu that will sufficiently meet the needs of your guests! We have done everything from eggcellent brunches to elegant sit-down meals and indulgent late-night bites. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or are ready to start planning your catering and event services today, reach out to our team of professionals at G Texas Catering and we’ll be more than happy to create your experience.