When is the Best Time to Plan a Holiday Event in Dallas? The Answer is NOW!

Holiday event coordination from G Texas Catering

Don’t wait to plan a holiday event! Here’s why you should start now!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching this summer and with that comes festive celebrations for small & large businesses, families, or your local neighborhood. As a catering company, we value the importance of crafting a memorable holiday event. To ensure that your guests will rave about your event, we strongly encourage you to begin planning now and avoid the temptation to leave it until the last moment. Having enough time is crucial as it allows us to adequately prepare before the busy holiday season, manage your budget effectively, and tailor menus to suit your event perfectly.

Creating a holiday event vision
The first step is to figure out what you envision your holiday party looking like. Classic? Modern? Kitschy? We can coordinate any style!

Creating a Vision

The time to start planning your holiday event is now, but where do you begin? The best place to start is creating an overall vision for your perfect holiday party and brainstorming ideas for the date, venue, guest count, catering, bar, guest entertainment, etc. Once you get a rough idea of what you want and need for the event, it’s time to bring in the professionals! We recommend giving yourself at least a few months to plan, budget, and create the perfect vision for your holiday event. This gives our team the best chance of taking this vision and making it a reality!

ATT Performing Arts Center venue set for a corporate holiday party
Venues book quickly, so get ahead of the game and find your event planner now!

Lock In Rates & Secure Dates

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” holds true, especially when it comes to planning a holiday event. By starting your preparation in advance, you gain a significant advantage over those who wait until later in the year. You can secure a highly desired venue for your preferred date, ensure the availability of your catering company, have all the décor pieces you need, and find the best entertainment for your guest’s. Starting early also ensures that you avoid the stress and the extra fees that go along with last-minute arrangements.

Tailored menus keep your party festive and special
Tailored menus make your party festive and special!

Tailored Menus & Personalization

Not only will you have an easier time securing a date and venue, but you’ll also have time to properly customize your catering menu for any of your culinary needs and personalize your event services. Whether it’s accommodating specific dietary needs or curating dishes that align perfectly with your holiday theme, early planning ensures all guests’ needs are met. Additionally, early planning and bookings allow caterers to guarantee there will be an abundance of delicious food for everyone.

With the excitement and bustle of the holiday season edging closer during the summer in Texas, the best time to plan your holiday event is undoubtedly now. Don’t let the festivities catch you off-guard; take a proactive approach and give yourself the luxury of choice and time. By beginning the planning process early, you can create a proper vision for your event, secure your desired event venue, full-service catering, and add that special touch of personalization to make your event truly unforgettable. Start now, and allow us here at G Texas Catering, to be your trusted catering company in Dallas and bring your holiday dreams to life!

The Top Wedding Catering Trends of 2023: G Texas Catering’s Expert Guide

Exploring Cuisines for Catered Events

When it comes to planning your special day, one of the most significant aspects that guests eagerly await is the tasty cuisine of the night. Wedding catering has evolved over the years, with couples now seeking unique and memorable dining experiences for their special day. As we dive into some great wedding catering trends for 2023, let’s explore a few of the endless options. From innovative menu options to immersive dining experiences, these trends will elevate weddings to new culinary heights.

Exploring Cuisines for Catered Events
Incorporating dishes from around the world can add a unique touch to your wedding and impress your guests.

Exploring Different Cuisines

Maybe you had a dream of a destination wedding but not quite the budget for it, a great way to bring in the travel flair without breaking the bank is through the cuisine. Incorporating dishes from around the world can add a unique touch to your wedding and impress your guests. Maybe considering an Ethiopian-inspired entree or an appetizer from Morocco. What about some Spanish Tapas or a Korean-style Filet Mignon? We’ve also seen couples embracing their culture and heritage through their wedding catering. This adds a very personal touch to the wedding that guests delight in exploring!

cauliflower steak dinner made from organic ingredients
Following this great catering trend of focusing on healthier alternatives and sustainability will help create the dining experience of a lifetime.

A Push Toward Organic

As more people opt for plant-based diets and sustainable meals, this is a great idea to incorporate into your menu when planning your wedding meals. With this trend, couples are preferring locally sourced, organic ingredients, along with trying to reduce food waste. Not to mention, many people have dietary restrictions, so making sure your menu has alternatives is a great way to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Vegan and Vegetarian options are becoming more elaborate and flavorful! This great catering trend of focusing on healthier alternatives and sustainability will help create the dining experience of a lifetime.

Weddings are trending to Immersive Dining Stations
Interactive food stations allow guests to personalize their meals, adding a touch of preference and excitement to the catering experience.

Immersive Dining Experiences

Interactive food stations are another great trend in 2023, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a dining experience throughout the wedding reception. This also allows guests to personalize their meals, adding a touch of preference and excitement to the catering experience. Whether it’s a mac & cheese bar, a tater tot station, a pasta station, or a multi-tiered taco station and DIY dessert bar, these interactive setups encourage guests to become active in their dining experience and allow them to create memories.

In Conclusion

Wedding planning has truly been elevated through the years. Gone are the relics of the past that make you feel like you’re at a corporate lunch instead of a wedding. Couples everywhere are finding new ways to bring in delicious dishes from all over the globe while thinking greener and ensuring that they are choosing options that are more sustainable. When you add in an interactive food station at your wedding, it will take it to a new level that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come! Are you ready to start planning an elevated dream wedding? Reach out to us today and let’s get started.

How To Estimate Your Catering Budget For Your Next Dallas Event

Estimate your event guest count

Budgeting for your next catering event can be a tricky thing to navigate properly to make sure you don’t go over budget. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the estimated attendance, the size of the venue, and whether you need specialty foods – all of which can cause your budget to jump unexpectedly. It‘s important to think ahead to what type of catering services you’ll require to accommodate your attendees. You’ll want to make sure that the budget encompasses food and beverage while also ensuring that your guests stay fully entertained and are in awe of the outstanding decor that takes their breath away. Read on the learn how to estimate your catering budget.

Estimate your event guest count
It’s important to know how many people to expect at your event to accurately gauge the cost.

Determine the Number of Guests

One of the key factors to consider when budgeting for your next catering event is the number of guests you expect to attend. This number plays a significant role in shaping the budget because it directly affects the overall quantity of food and beverage that need to be provided. Start by creating a guest list to better keep track of your budgeting needs for this event. Also, it’s great to keep in mind, the more guests you have, the more serving staff, food, and drinks you’ll need. Don’t forget to factor in a few extra last-minute guests into your list, as this is one of the most common reasons for frustrated guests or hosts when it comes to food shortages. Taking the time to properly come up with a guest count will set you on the right path toward creating a realistic and well-planned catering budget for your special event.

Choose A Menu & Determine Beverage Needs

Executing the event planning is G Texas' specialty
Executing the event planning is G Texas’ specialty

When it comes to estimating your catering budget, choosing a menu and determining your beverage needs go hand-in-hand. The menu selection is not only about satisfying your guests’ needs but also about finding a balance between cost and quality. Taking into consideration dietary restrictions and allergies should be accounted for when planning the menu. Additionally, determining your beverage needs involves considering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Will you be offering a full bar or limited drink choices? Something like this would directly affect the budget when planning an event. By carefully selecting your menu and beverage choices, you can ensure that your catering budget aligns with your event vision while still satisfying your guests’ favorite sips.

Catering & Event Staffing Needs

Making sure you have the appropriate number of catering personnel is oftentimes an overlooked element when setting a catering budget. Remember that the bigger your function, the more catering and event staff you’ll need. Additionally, the kind of catering you’re planning for, such as stations or a buffet, will also require a different amount of individuals. The best thing to do is call your local caterer, like G Texas Catering to discuss the size of your event and how many staff members this requires. This can help you plan an accurate budget when it comes to your next event.

In Conclusion

Proper staffing at an event helps it run smoothly
Proper staffing to help the event run smoothly is paramount.

When organizing a catering budget for a Dallas event, it is essential to think ahead and plan effectively in order to ensure that all needs are met. Important considerations like the estimated attendance, the size of the venue, and specialty catering options ensure that your budget covers all aspects of the event so that all of your attendees are taken care of and the stress of the event is at a minimum. Budgeting for a large event can be challenging, but by taking into account all of your needs and being properly prepared, your event will be sure to run smoothly and without a hitch. When in doubt, contact us at G Texas and we can walk you through what to expect to provide an estimated budget and help you with planning the expenses for your next extravagant event.

From Brunch to Late-Night Bites: Event Catering for Different Meal Times

Chicken and Waffles Brunch by G Texas

Planning an event means considering all the little details, from location to food and everything in between. That said – one of the essential items to consider is the time of your event. Whether it’s an early morning company training, an elegant evening reception, or even a late-night poker party, G Texas Catering has you covered with the perfect menu options that fit the time of your event! Yes, your menu items should directly correlate to the time of your event so that you can sufficiently meet the needs of your guests!

Early Day Events

grab and go pastries from G Texas
Grab ‘n go pastries make moving around events easy for attendees.

Kicking off your early-day event with an array of food and beverage options can set the tone for a bright and cheerful experience for your guests. For example, some crowd favorites for our earlier events include bright mocktail beverages, delicious assorted pastries, and chef-inspired grab ’n go lunches. We like to focus on menu items that can quickly be served to guests so they can enjoy a delicious bite before participating in the rest of the festivities planned!

Other options we love include a tasty spread of fresh salads and sandwiches that can be customized and ready to serve according to your needs. Of course, we can’t forget charcuterie arrangements and displays, which are an eye-catching option that guests can also enjoy!

Evening Delights

Filet dinner from G Texas
Elegant meals will impress your guests.

As the sun sets and the stars come out, catering for the evening is the perfect opportunity to dazzle guests with unforgettable dishes. From elegant entrees to savory sides, the options for your event are endless. For a luxurious touch, a classic Filet Mignon served with roasted Shallots, and savory wild Mushrooms from our plated menu is always a great choice. For a lighter option, we recommend something off our small plate station, such as the Spicy Gulf Shrimp Ceviche Shooter served with Chili Cumin Chips. A popular vegetarian option is our delicious Roasted Vegetable Wellington, which will surely please any plant-based eaters at the event.

Our team can fully customize your evening meals and beverages to cater to your event perfectly. We understand that a well-crafted evening dish can leave a lasting impression on guests and make a memorable event that much more special!

Late-Night Bites

Sliders make great late-night bites!

Chicken and Waffles Brunch by G Texas
Chicken & Waffles make great late-night snacks!

Delicious late-night bites are an increasingly popular menu request we are seeing for those events that linger late into the evening. After hours of conversation, dancing, and participating in event activities, you’ll likely want something light for your guests to enjoy before they head out the door. The best late-night bites, in our opinion, are packed with flavor but easy for guests to grab and bite into! Some of our current favorites include Chicken and Waffles, Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots, Pretzel Bites with Cheddar Sauce, Chicken Flautas, Cheeseburger Sliders… The list goes on!

No matter the time of your event, we can design the perfect menu that will sufficiently meet the needs of your guests! We have done everything from eggcellent brunches to elegant sit-down meals and indulgent late-night bites. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or are ready to start planning your catering and event services today, reach out to our team of professionals at G Texas Catering and we’ll be more than happy to create your experience.

From Start to Finish: Our Comprehensive Catering Services For Any Dallas Occasion

Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly

Hiring a catering company can be, well, daunting, and we understand that. So, we wanted to take the time to talk about our processes and why working with G Texas can be less overwhelming. We are a full-service company, which means our job doesn’t just begin and end with the food. With years of combined experience, we can also assist you in finding the perfect venue, selecting the best vendors, guiding the vision for your event, and even helping with the breakdown and cleanup. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Let’s dive right in, and learn how to plan an event from start to finish with our comprehensive catering services for any Dallas occasion!

Before: Planning With Our Experts

Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly
Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly

Our team has a wide array of experience when it comes to planning and designing both your menu and the overall experience you’d like to create for your guests. We listen to your vision and goals for the event and then apply our years of combined experience to guide you. G Texas creates the complete scene from the moment the guest enters to when they depart.

From menu planning and preparation to decor and ambiance, our team of professionals can handle everything needed to bring your vision to life. Our expertise in the industry and several contacts across the DFW metroplex make the process of planning an event seamless, no matter the size.

What makes our service so unique in its comprehensiveness isn’t that it ties together catering and events – it’s that it combines our team’s years of event experience in festivals, corporate events, weddings, and so much more right in the heart of Dallas. From elegant to artistic and everything in between, our goal in planning is to create lasting memories for guests and ensure that the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Executing the Vision

Executing the event planning is G Texas' specialty
Executing the event planning is G Texas’ specialty

Hiring a full-service catering company to execute your vision and combine all the pieces seamlessly can save you time and stress. We have an entire team dedicated to showing up on-site to prepare everything you need so you don’t need to focus on catering or event-related details. We’re here to make the execution as seamless as possible from start to finish. Our team comes complete with an entire operations service to ensure that you have communications at all times during the event!


After: Cleanup and Breakdown

We plan the cleanup and break down for youMany of us have been there – it’s the end of the night, and your event has officially ended. Now the dreaded cleanup happens. When planning an event, this is an often overlooked aspect, and it’s a dreadful task for most individuals. At G Texas Catering, we help with cleanup and breakdown at the end of the night. All you have to do is let us know what needs to be saved, and we’ll handle the rest. You can head home and relax knowing everything is taken care of by our team.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer here at G Texas Catering or to request a quote for your next event.

The Dos and Don’ts of Buffet Catering in Dallas

Fresh and hot breakfast buffet by G Texas Catering

Buffet catering is a very popular choice for events and gatherings, as it offers a wide variety of food options and allows guests to serve themselves. Properly organizing a successful buffet requires careful planning and attention to detail. Hiring a professional team to help you ensure all the little details are taken care of will help create a seamless experience for your guests. Here are some key dos and don’ts of buffet catering in Dallas for your next corporate event.

Fresh and hot breakfast buffet by G Texas Catering
A fresh and hot breakfast buffet is appetizing and keeps your guests happy

The Dos

  1. Carefully craft and plan the menu. When planning for a buffet-style event, ensure that you have a variety of dishes that cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Having vegetarian and vegan options along with gluten-free is always a good practice to be mindful of when planning any event where there will be food.
  2. Keep the food fresh and stored correctly in hot holds at your event. This is where hiring a team of professionals like G Texas is essential because we are trained in food safety and can guarantee proper food handling measures will always be set in place to protect the guests. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, we ensure the food remains delicious and safe for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Always have the dishes adequately labeled. This will help guests identify what is available and those with food allergies or dietary restrictions avoid certain dishes.
Buffet station by G Texas Catering
Well-labeled stations can help diners find appropriate selections quickly

The Don’ts

  1. Choose menu items that hold up well and aren’t too messy. You don’t want to complicate the self-serving process of a buffet by choosing foods that are hard for guests to grab on their own. Finger foods or small appetizers are a great addition to buffets because they hold up well and are easy to pick up when you’re passing through the line.
  2. Overcrowd the buffet table or place it in a busy area. When choosing where to place the buffet table, consider the guests and how convenient it will be for them to serve themselves. Allowing enough space for guests to move around and access each dish easily will also help keep things clean and cohesive.
  3. Don’t have too small of a menu selection. When choosing buffet-style catering as an option, always having a wide variety of foods is essential to keep your guests satisfied. Nobody wants to be excited about a buffet only to find out there’s a small selection or they can’t eat what is there due to allergies or dietary restrictions.
A carefully curated menu is sure to impress at catered events
A carefully curated menu is sure to impress at catered events

Buffet catering can be a great way to offer guests various food options at an event or gathering. By following these dos and don’ts, you can create a successful buffet catering experience that is memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Contact us today for help planning and flawlessly executing buffet catering for your next event.

Pair Exhilarating Drinks with Entertainment at AT&T Performing Arts Center

Skyye vodka cocktail by GTexas Catering

Enjoying a performance at the AT&T Performing Arts Center is one of the most rewarding experiences in the Arts District. A new trend in performance-inspired beverages is taking shape, and our team is skillfully taking in elements of the artists that perform to create refreshing and unique beverages throughout many performances.

Performance-Inspired Beverages

With all of the new musicals and shows coming to AT&T Performing Arts Center, it’s essential that each experience has its unique highlights to bring the show to life for all of our guests. Take, for example, the debut of Legally Blonde The Musical, paired with its very own cocktail sponsored by SKYY Vodka, ‘The Blonde Ambition’ cocktail brought the experience into the hands of the attendees. Any event, show, or musical has the ability to inspire new opportunities for our team to elevate your experience at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

Skyye vodka cocktail by GTexas Catering

Seasonal Sips That Satisfy

As each season approaches us, our team takes inspiration from the energy of the Dallas Arts community and the fresh take of Chef Jeffery. Our goal is to make our latest creations your greatest obsession – like our hot chocolate and our espresso/coffee to warm you up during the cold season or our tropical trio during the summer when it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

A rainbow of cocktails from GTexas

If you are stopping by for a performance or an event, make sure to try one or more of our latest beverage creations – we hope it’ll be your next go-to refreshment!

How to Pair Entertainment and Catering to Keep Guests Engaged at Your Corporate Event

A casino at a corporate event provided hours of entertainment

If you are planning a corporate event or large office party, the last thing you want is to have your guests trickle out after food is served. As we find our “new normal,” many people aren’t used to staying in large group settings or are ready to leave before the event ends. Getting creative with activities, decor, and events that encourage chatting and bonding is key! We have some ideas on how to keep guests engaged at your corporate event to ensure your next event is a hit and everyone stays long enough to talk about it around the water cooler the next day!

A casino at a corporate event provided hours of entertainment
A casino at a corporate event provided hours of entertainment

Setting Up the Space

Keeping your guests entertained during an event is a delicate balance. Allowing guests to participate in activities before, during, and after food is served will encourage them to stay for the duration of the event. You also want to ensure that your space is set up in an inviting yet enticing way to give your guests an environment they want to hang around in.

Combining food stations and activities allows your guests to pass between snacking and playing with ease. Give them variety with quick, simple games to longer tournaments, and they’ll be entertained for hours!

Quick Group Activities for Maximum Entertainment

Guests engaging in activities will allow your guests to mingle and continue to stay entertained after having an elevated catering experience with G Texas Catering. Several of our venue partners offer spaces that accommodate a variety of activities. For example, we have seen remote control NASCAR-style racing, a mobile photo bus, and even armadillo races! The opportunities are endless with a creative team like G Texas, who tailors every event to you and your guests!

A photo booth makes a great short activity with a keepsake at your Dallas corporate event!
A photo booth makes a great short activity with a keepsake!

Long & Leisure Activities for Longer Engagement

Perfect for guests that enjoy a bit of a challenge, we’ve found that long & leisure activities are ideal for group activity and bonding. Whether guests are new to poker or skillfully choosing their next move before they even sit down – every guest will have an experience that leaves them looking for more. The Mini Golf Experience is a popular activity we’ve curated that falls perfectly under this category!

This putting green was great for chatting while staying busy at a Dallas corporate party.
This putting green was great for chatting while staying busy.

Setting up your space with a balanced mix of quick group activities and long & leisure group activities is essential to keeping your guests entertained throughout the duration of the event. Speak to one of our team members today about curating the perfect catering and entertainment for your upcoming corporate event!

Catering Companies for Rainy Weather: How To Set Your Event Up for Success

Concert with a full stage inside a tent for rain

Rain happens, and naturally, Texas has very unpredictable weather! When planning your next outdoor catering event, you’ll want to consider how the weather could factor into it. Establishing a game plan with your catering and event team is important and will ensure everything is prepared should there be a surprise storm. Read on to learn about finding catering companies for rainy weather in Dallas!

Cattle Barrons Ball with Tent in Case of Rain catered in dallas texas
This tent kept event-goers dry at the Cattle Barons Ball in Dallas.

Venue Considerations

When choosing your event venue, there are many beautiful and practical options. That said, if you’re booking in the spring or fall, you need to plan for rain! There are indoor/outdoor venues with large covered patios or large indoor spaces, though many don’t provide both.

If your spring wedding is slated for outdoors, purposely choosing a venue with a built-in backup indoor space might save your wedding day! The same consideration goes for corporate events, as you want to ensure your guests, speakers, and any breakout events have covered options. If your venue has no backup indoor location, check that large tents are available to rent and/or that your events company can provide that for you.

Make sure to factor parking into your planning as well. Many venues, especially those at rural farms or other converted buildings, do not have paved parking, and a sudden downpour may result in muddy shoes and high heels that sink into the ground.

Concert with a full stage inside a tent for rain
Rain couldn’t stop the music with a large tent available.

Caterer Offerings

Similar to the venue considerations, you’ll want to consider your food options. Some things to consider are if the food can hold up to the humidity often brought on by rainy weather and if the food can be transported easily to an indoor location should the weather change. You’ll also want to ask if the caterer has tents and coverings available if an indoor location isn’t available at your venue. The last thing you’d want is for your food to get soaked and essentially end your event early.

Hiring a full-service catering and events company like G Texas will ensure your event is successful rain or shine. Our skilled team of professionals helps make sure the venue is set for any adverse conditions and all food is securely stored so your guests can still have a fantastic experience regardless of rain. Contact us today to get started on your next outdoor catering event.

How We Transform Spaces for Upscale Corporate Events in Dallas

Macaroni and Cheese with chicken Skewers

It’s more than just catering and bar service

‘Tis the season for corporate events, and for our team, that means catering and bar services are in full swing! However, an event involves much more than just food and beverage! Our event planners will work to bring your entire event to life – from start to finish! The G Texas team adores transforming existing spaces in the Dallas Arts District into extravagant venues for unique corporate evening events, like the AT&T Performing Arts Center!

Here’s how we transformed this space from its usual concession-style service into this full-service corporate event!


Companies spend A LOT of money on branding. It’s what tells their story and their identity – it’s the face of the company and the pride of its employees. As such, a company event should showcase its brand throughout! For this corporate event at AT&T Performing Arts Center, we leaned into the brand and commissioned custom marquee letters, because we all know in Dallas that BIG, bold letters are a big deal, we also commissioned custom pillows with its logo to not only bring in comfort, but also brand consistency. As we imagined the theme for the event, we wanted its brand to be cohesive with the AT&T PAC branding and design.

Soft Seating or Lounge Grouping

When it comes to transforming a space for upscale corporate events, choosing the proper seating selection is essential. From soft seating to lounge grouping, this simple step can create a much more elegant atmosphere. Making sure there’s an optimal amount of space with a comfortable atmosphere will ensure all guests feel valued and appreciated at your next upscale corporate event. This is also a great way to implement your brand’s colors when selecting the lounging furniture to help further elevate the overall experience at the venue.

Custom seating creates intimate chat areas
Custom seating creates intimate chat areas.


Brand Meets Venue

Imagine hosting an event and placed all around the venue is your company’s brand. From large and direct to subtle and simple, it’s all about the details. We take pride in finding ways to match your company’s logo, colors, and branding into the event space naturally and marrying the brand with the elements of the venue’s look and feel when we transform a space for an event. Guests will be treated to a memorable event that feels like the space was meant just for them.

Our team at G Texas Custom Catering and Events enjoys transforming event spaces like the AT&T Performing Arts Center for corporate events into a space that’s perfect for an evening of delicious bites and custom beverages. Creating an environment that is uniquely adaptable to a corporate event takes an artful eye – and matching that with a delectable selection of tasty menu items for guests creates unforgettable moments that allow our corporate events to rise to the occasion. Reach out to learn more about how G Texas Catering can help plan your corporate event from top to bottom!


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