G Texas Catering Partners with WakWay to Battle Food Insecurity in Dallas


G Texas Catering is a leading event catering and special events company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing custom event catering, bar catering  and event design. Providing upscale event catering isn’t the only thing that makes G Texas Catering special – its dedication to charitable giving has also become a part of its reputation in the event industry. 

Since its beginning, philanthropy has been a huge part of the company culture at G Texas Catering. Owner and President John Gilbert is always searching for new ways to give back to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. In the past, G Texas Catering has charitably collaborated with:

The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is dedicated to free the world from cancer. They fund and conduct cutting-edge research on a variety of types of cancers. They also support cancer patients and their families and focus on creating awareness about cancer prevention.

Yellow Rose Gala Foundation- National MS Society

The Yellow Rose Gala Foundation’s mission is to rid the world of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They have partnered with the National MS Society where 100% of the proceeds raised at the gala go directly to progressive MS research.

United Way

The United Way’s goal is to advance the common good by creating opportunities for all. Their focus is on education, income and health. They offer programs to help children succeed in school, assist young adults with financial plans, creating a health and human services hotline, end human trafficking and ensure that the elderly receive the right support from their caretakers.

Family For Literacy 

KPMG’s Family for Literacy program’s mission is to eradicate childhood illiteracy by putting new books into the hands of children in need and developing the next generation of young leaders through reading.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has been striving to save and improve lives by fighting heart disease and stroke. They have invested more than $4.1 billion in research to fight cardiovascular disease.

The Arts Community Alliance

TACA’s work focuses on the transformative power of the arts. They nurture and provide leadership to the arts community by providing flexible funding and much-needed resources to allow arts organizations to spend more time running effective programs that transform lives through the arts.

Texas Rangers Youth Baseball

The Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children in need by providing funding for youth crisis, youth health initiatives, youth baseball programs and youth education.

La Fiesta- Park Cities Charities

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas was founded to provide educational, charitable and civic needs by receiving, investing and distributing funds to carry out the preservation and development of cultural and historic attributes of the Town of Highland Park and the City of University Park.

Elizabeth Toon Foundation

The Elizabeth Toon Foundation was created to support organizations that provide education, assistance, comfort and therapy to those who have been impacted by abuse, grief, poverty, disabilities and terminal illnesses.

Crystal Charity Ball

The Crystal Charity Ball’s focus is to aid, support and make contributions to children’s charities in Dallas County.

Volunteers of America Golf Classic

Volunteers of America takes steps forward to assist the most vulnerable. They focus on human service programs to help veterans, at-risk youth, the elderly, men and women returning from prison, the homeless, people with disabilities and those recovering from addictions.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international movement whose focus is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs without discrimination.

Salvation army

G Texas Catering’s Newest Philanthropic Adventure

G Texas Catering is joining forces with the WakWay Foundation to combat food insecurity among children in the Dallas area. Food insecurity is more than just being hungry. It is the lack of consistent access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Many people in Dallas and its surrounding communities do not know where their next meal is coming from. It is estimated that 1 in every 4 children in Texas (almost 1.9 million) are food insecure. In North Texas alone, 300,000 children can’t count on having enough food at mealtimes.

G Texas Catering has recognized this heartbreaking reality for many of our neighbors in Dallas and has begun fighting the battle against food insecurity by repurposing extra food from the hundreds of events we cater every year. We will box up surplus food for WakWay to take to inner cities and shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Through this partnership, G Texas Catering will be able to donate over 1,000 pounds of food each year!


What is WakWay?

The WakWay Foundation was created by Don “Wak” Wakamatsu, a former professional major league player, scout, manager and current coach at the Texas Rangers. As a professional athlete, Wak had a strong desire to find a way to help people, especially children, stay healthy. He provides easy to make, healthy meals and snacks to children in the Dallas area.  

The WakWay Foundation also founded The Produce Stand project. This idea came to fruition when Wak noticed a crop of cherries at his family farm wasn’t being picked because it was cost prohibitive. He realized that this abandoned crop and many more like it could be used to feed people who are struggling with food insecurity. He immediately began devising a transportation system to get abandoned crops to shelters and other volunteer organizations in the Dallas area.

However, he found that getting the food from donor to the children and families in need is the biggest detriment to feeding the hungry. According to the WakWay Foundation, the problem with getting food to those who need it most is not the lack of food – it’s the complication of logistics that keep this food away from those who need it. It is estimated that over 72 billion pounds of perfectly good food, worth $218 billion, goes to waste each year. This food waste fills up to 21% of our landfills. Also, 20 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are discarded on farms or abandoned in fields and plowed under. WakWay Foundation’s streamlined transportation system allows food to go from the donation site to a table within hours, providing large quantities of healthy food to numerous people.

“As one of the largest event caterers in the Dallas area, I feel it is our responsibility to make our operation as sustainable and waste-free as possible,” said John Gilbert, President and Owner of G Texas Catering. “G Texas is proud to partner with this great organization allowing us to do what we love most, feed more people.”


  About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.  

Recipe Building for Custom Catering

Butternut Squash Recipe Building for Custom Catering

Recipe Building for Custom Catering

The G Texas Catering culinary team specializes in creating custom menus and fulfilling special requests for clients. What happens when the client requests a dish or variation of a dish that isn’t in our extensive recipe book? Executive Chef Micheal Gooch writes one.

Unlike most restaurants, catered events feature a wide variety of menus and cooking styles. Many events call for regional flavors such as Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Creole or Barbecue while others include global cuisine from Asian flavors to Mediterranean and traditional Italian offerings.

It takes years and years of practice with culinary techniques, flavor profiles and learning the science behind the art to have the ability to create a proper recipe from scratch.

Custom Catering

To build a menu for a client requesting a specific theme, Chef Gooch researches culinary techniques, ingredients and traditions practiced in that culture. Combining research and his extensive culinary training, he not only replicates the dish but makes it his own. However, research and technique aren’t the only things that the Chef needs to consider when creating a recipe. In a restaurant environment, a meal is prepared and served immediately. At a catered event, we are often required to serve the meal several hours after preparation. Therefore, when a custom recipe is developed the chef must also consider:

* The event location

* The number of guests at the event

* Facilities available at the venue

* Demographics of the guests attending the event

* The style of service (seated dinner, buffet, chef-attended stations, tray passed, etc.)

All of these factors and many more will determine the types of food used, how it will be presented, how much food will be sent and how it will be transported to the event site. The Chef may be happy with the flavor profile and presentation of a meal at our corporate kitchen, but he must consider that the product temperature has to be maintained throughout delivery to the event venue and service to our guests.

If the venue has kitchen or preparation facilities the Culinary team will often deliver the components or “mise en place” to the venue and complete the preparation on site to ensure the meal is fresh and flavorful. Seasonings, garnishes and sauces are all carefully planned in the final plate presentation of the entree, Hors d’ Oeuvres or Dessert to be served.

Salmon G texas

Creating New Upscale, Modern Menus

The G Texas Catering culinary team doesn’t only create new menus at the request of our clients; creation is always at the forefront of Chef Gooch’s mind. The most sought-after event designers require menus and bar services that reflect their creativity and style. It’s important to anticipate and be able to create what people want. This ensures that G Texas Catering always has the most modern, upscale menu choices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The event industry is constantly changing to adapt to the latest trends and popular event themes. Due to these ever-changing trends, our culinary team is constantly designing new recipes to guarantee the execution of a delectable, personalized menu that your guests will remember.


  About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.  

Staff Spotlight: Chef Stu


Staff Spotlight: Chef Stu

Stu Selleck fell in love with cooking watching his father in the kitchen as a child. Since then, He knew he wanted to attend culinary school and become a chef.

“Chef Stu has been an incredible asset to our team, creating great menus and managing kitchen operations as a Venue Chef, Event Chef and Sous Chef for more than 4 years,” said John Gilbert, President of G Texas Catering, “He cares so much about our organization and takes complete ownership in every event and restaurant operation that he is a part of.”

He joined the G Texas Catering team in October of 2014 working as a chef in our corporate kitchen. After showing immense culinary and management skills, he was asked to head G Texas’s café operation at The Potter’s House.

Chef Stu Stu Selleck fell in love with cooking watching his father in the kitchen as a child. Since then, He knew he wanted to attend culinary school and become a chef.

Stu continually shows his dedication to G Texas Catering and his work as a chef; which is why John knew he was the right person to assist with the development and opening of G Texas’s new restaurant concept in the Dallas Arts District, The Artisan Craft Kitchen and Terrace Bar.

Stu said the best part about being a member of the G Texas Catering family is just that; it is a family. Even though being a Sous Chef is a physically and mentally taxing career, its worth it to him to see the finished product leave the kitchen for the customer to enjoy!

Stu is loving life at the Artisan, especially when he can cook (and taste) Italian food – his favorite! He credits much of G Texas Catering success to its great leadership. We are proud to have Stu as a leader within our organization and an integral part of our successes.


      About Us:

G Texas Catering is one of the leading catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.  

Featured Event Venue: The Sixth Floor Museum

Celebrating the life of President John F. Kennedy

      About Us:

G Texas Catering is the 3rd largest catering and special events company operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, providing upscale catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.  

“ A beautiful event space ”

The Sixth Floor Museum is one of Dallas’s most recognizable historic landmarks, creating an exceptional experience for guests with skillful event planning and catering services.

corporate catering: catering, bar services and event design for high profile corporate events, galas, conventions, social gatherings, special occasions and for some of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top venues and meeting planners.
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The Sixth Floor Museum is the site of one of history’s most prominent events, examining and celebrating the life of President John F. Kennedy. The museum offers guests the opportunity to experience firsthand the legacy of one our most beloved Presidents. The local history of the event venue and the memorabilia that accompanies it provides an event setting with profound historical significance and influence. Your clients and guests will come away with a unique and unparalleled experience. The prestigious nature of this venue makes it an ideal location to host corporate events, client receptions, awards banquets and meetings. This event venue offers a versatility that will allow your guests to explore one of the nation’s most renowned historic landmarks while enjoying upscale plated dinners and handcrafted cocktails. It serves as the perfect event setting, with a prime location in Dallas to integrate bar services and corporate catering into your event design.

Learn more

   celebrating the life of President John F. Kennedy

The Sixth Floor Museum event venue features superb catering and event services in Dallas, Texas

This facility offers event coordination, security and access to the Sixth-Floor exhibit in all event rental packages to provide a full-service experience. Your guests will also enjoy private access to the museum during evening events. This exclusive opportunity includes both the main exhibit and traveling exhibitions for viewing. The inclusion of the exhibit in your event rental is one of the venue’s featured highlights, transporting guests back in time to remember the life of President John F. Kennedy. As a site of commemoration, this space will leave a lasting impression, with the Sixth Floor Museum staff to guide you throughout. This added feature is guaranteed to elevate your event and maintain an enjoyable experience for both you and your guests.


The Sixth Floor Museum is the site of one of history’s most prominent events, examining and celebrating the life of President John F. Kennedy.

214.421.0774, 3131 Irving Blvd #601,  https://gtexascatering.com/contact-catering/

Creating Historical Experiences with Flawless Event Design and Upscale Catering Services

The Sixth Floor Museum has several different event spaces available for booking with a wide range of capacities and accommodations. The venue provides event security, in-house audiovisual equipment and adjacent parking to maintain the highest quality of service. Flexible lighting to spotlight tables, ceiling mounted projectors, and a house sound system will also equip you with the technical aspects needed to complete the vision for your event. You can choose to take advantage of one of the facility’s most spacious rooms, the Central Gallery, or the South Gallery, which provides a stunning view of the downtown Dallas skyline. After your guests have toured the museum, they can enjoy elegant food displays and plated dinners prepared at the venue’s flexible catering prep area. These combined elements will be handled by an experienced event manager to ensure that your guests are receiving the highest level of personal attention and service.

Learn More about our Custom Catering Menus

With over 4,500 square feet of event space, the Seventh Floor Museum allows our event planners to customize the space to your needs. With exposed brick walls, 14-foot ceilings and expansive windows, your corporate or private event will feature elements that can be tailored to your vision. Your guests will also enjoy the beautiful features of this space, as well as the unique history.

Inside the building’s original freight elevator shaft is a beautiful built-in bar to accommodate your bar service needs. Our bar staff is equipped to readily serve guests with handcrafted cocktails and other beverages of their choosing. With a central location in downtown Dallas near the historic West End district, this venue is easily accessible. The South Gallery event space provides an exclusive view of the iconic Reunion Tower and the historic Dealey Plaza. Both the South Gallery and Central Gallery are adjacent to one another, with a sliding wall in place to maintain the privacy and comfort of your guests.

The Sixth Floor Museum presents an exceptional opportunity to learn more about one of the most iconic events in American History. This event space will not only provide the perfect setting but can deliver customized catering and event services to accommodate your next corporate function.

If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774



Featured Event Venue: Bass Performance Hall

Stunning views of Downtown Fort Worth, a luxurious event design, and Catering and Event Planning services make the Bass Performance Hall a premier venue for your wedding or private event.


bass hall reception
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The Bass Performance Hall has a variety of spaces available for your next event, each featuring superb accommodations and spacious floorplans for a range of event sizes and settings. This venue features six unique rooms in the downtown Fort Worth area with elegant event décor to suit all your needs. Combining traditional and modern event elements to create timeless elegance for any occasion, both you and your guests will enjoy the classic ambiance of this renowned facility in the heart of the Sundance Square.


bass hall grand lobby

The McDavid Studio

The McDavid Studio features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer scenic views of the Downtown Fort Worth skyline and natural lighting to accentuate the design of your ceremony or reception. This event space provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, along with a state-of-the-art sound system to accompany your special event. Atmospheric lighting will illuminate the space as you celebrate with friends and family on your special day. The room offers a blank canvass of event space to design for ceremonies, banquets and receptions with a capacity to fit up to 300.


The Van Cliburn Recital Hall

The Van Cliburn Recital Hall’s flexible design is the perfect room for your next private event. This intimate event space can be tailored to fit any theme, with stellar acoustics for entertaining guests. Located within the adjacent Maddox-Muse complex, the Van Cliburn Recital Hall provides spacious accommodations for hosting ceremonies and receptions. Grand Lobby Brides will feel like royalty as they descend the Grand Lobby’s elegant staircase and make their way across its exquisite marble floors.  Soaring windows will set the mood for your event with natural lighting or a romantic view of the night sky during your ceremony or reception. The space also features a generous bar that can be fully-staffed by our team to celebrate after the ceremony with signature drinks or wine. The Grand lobby can accommodate 220 guests for ceremonies and up to 200 guests for banquets and receptions. This is an incredible event space if you’re looking to host an elegant cocktail reception for a larger party.

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Mezzanine Lobby

The Mezzanine Lobby is home to Bass Hall’s iconic twin angels, which guests will have a prime view of from the Lobby’s fourth-floor balcony. They serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding photos with the surrounding city in view as well. Host your next banquet or reception for up to 100 guests at this event space overlooking the lower floors or take advantage of the convenient bar for your next cocktail reception. Hors d’oeuvres and handcrafted cocktails can be passed during your event as guests mingle and enjoy the night’s celebrations. You will find that the Mezzanine Lobby is the ideal location for smaller and more intimate ceremonies in the Bass Hall complex.

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Green and Richardson Rooms

The Green and Richardson Rooms provide classic appeal for private events, banquets and receptions,with a color scheme that fits the name perfectly. This event space offers guests a warm and welcoming environment and plush furniture to lounge in during their special event. Both rooms are excellent locations for business-related functions, with conveniently located restrooms, a relaxed atmosphere, and kitchen facilities for catering service. Clients can enjoy a Theater-Style function for up to 70 guests or a cocktail reception for up to 100 guests in this tasteful event space.

bass hall catered reception

Founders Concert Theater

The Founders Concert Theater is the venue’s largest event space, with a seating capacity for 2042 guests. This world-renowned theater is ideal for special events, corporate functions, or weddings, featuring a sophisticated design that can be tailored to any event size or setting. The tiered seating offers a luxurious view of the entire space and will leave guests in awe throughout the event. The Founders Concert Theater is certain to offer a grand wedding with the ability to host both ceremonies and receptions on their immaculate stage. Whether it’s a meeting, presentation or performance, the theater is one of the venue’s most exceptional and unique choices for your private function.   





Catering and Event Planning Services in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth

Clients booking an event at the beautiful Bass Hall facility can expect the highest level of service and a team of professionals who are dedicated to making your event a memorable one. The event staff will remain in contact with you throughout the event planning process to ensure that every detail is handled to your liking. From in-person meetings to on-site assistance the day of your event, the staff at Bass Hall will remain flexible to exceed your expectations. The G Texas Catering team will also work diligently with both you and the event planners to design custom menus and provide impeccable event services. The mock kitchen available on-site is fully-equipped for our staff to prep and finalize the catering that will be provided the day of your event. You can also enjoy bar service with specialty cocktail menus created by our bar team, in addition to wine service during the cocktail hour. Further amenities provided by the venue include set up and clean up, dressing areas for both the bride and groom, and tables and chairs. These featured amenities, along with highly efficient service by staff, makes Bass Performance Hall a premier wedding and event venue for any formal or private occasion.

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If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774


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Featured Event Venue: Chandon Arbors

Chandon Arbors is a breathtaking event venue with a French Country design offering custom wedding packages, catering and event planning services in Keller, Texas  

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Chandon Arbors is a romantic event venue with a French Country design that exudes style and elegance for your wedding. Set to open in the coming months, guests will be able to book events at this venue starting in late July, just in time for a dreamy summer wedding. Chandon Arbors has been meticulously designed with hosting the perfect wedding in mind, providing natural surroundings, a beautiful garden backdrop, and breathtaking architectural elements that will impress both family and friends. With three private acres in old town Keller, Chandon delivers a serene setting and exclusive access to their property for your nuptials. This 15,000 square-foot venue provides premium accommodations and a variety of event spaces, along with comprehensive event planning, catering and bar services to meet all your event needs.

indoor wedding reception

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A romantic wedding venue with a variety of event settings

The luxurious design of this venue will transport your guests back to the style and elegance of the 1920’s and 1930’s, incorporating a French Country design for added romantic appeal. The property features a foyer, ballroom, indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, and private spaces for your comfort and convenience. Cantera Iron and glass double doors open to the Grande Foyer, which includes a vaulted barrel ceiling with a candlelight chandelier to dazzle your guests upon entering. With over 3,400 sq. ft. of space, the Grand Ballroom is the largest room with an unrestricted view of the facility’s beautiful grounds. Wood flooring, sixteen candle light chandeliers, and the eight columns that surround the reception room with 12 x 12 glass mosaics will provide a romantic setting as you dance the night away after your vows. The vestibule is the venue’s “jewel box” of a private space, boasting a gorgeous private area with a 16-lit crystal chandelier that resembles clusters of teardrops. The impressive and glamorous design of this space delivers amazing photo opportunities for you and your guests.

indoor wedding ceremonySchedule a consultation with G Texas Catering: 214-421-0774

The venue’s versatility will accommodate a variety of occasions with outdoor and indoor ceremony spaces available for booking. The indoor ceremony space delivers a pristine environment, with a “white on white” split stack stones backdrop and large glass windows to allow for natural lighting. The wood flooring and wood beam ceilings present an antiquated charm that will complement the design of your event perfectly. Chandon’s outdoor event space is equally breathtaking, displaying a scenic garden and gazebo with French Country trusses for a picturesque ceremony.


The outdoor patios provide a prime view of the beautiful grounds and include a cascading waterfall made of textured mosaic glass tiles. The Cedar Wood Wall and Stone Bar create a seamless backdrop for the cocktail hour or toast after the ceremony, with a fireplace setting that allows seating for twelve. Winding cobblestone walkways will guide your guests through the vibrant and enchanting French Country gardens, complete with arbors and bridges.

outdoor ceremony Schedule a consultation with G Texas Catering: 214-421-0774

Luxurious amenities and flawless Event Services for weddings

Guests will enjoy first-class service, luxurious amenities, and top-notch catering and bar services on the day of their event. The Bridal and Groom Suites are wonderful perks that the facility offers for your comfort and ease on the day of the wedding. Drawing inspiration from French Normandy, the Bridal Suite is the epitome of elegance and convenience. The suite features a 14-ft vanity, full 3-way mirror, vertical lighting and private bathroom. The Groom Suite is an ideal setup for the guys, featuring a flat screen TV, minibar, and soft seating for optimal comfort and relaxing in style. In addition, the venue provides a full-kitchen for our catering team to prep impeccably plated dinners, and an onsite bar to create the perfect cocktails for your wedding celebration. Custom wedding packages are available with “glitz and glam” upgrades to make your special day a success, and a dedicated team of event professionals will ensure that you and your guests are receiving the highest level of service during the event. Onsite event managers will be present at the day of your event to carefully manage and execute the details, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day without stress or interruption. Chandon Arbors has created the picture-perfect wedding venue to meet your needs and is equipped with a stellar team of professionals who will work diligently to make lasting memories for everyone in attendance.


If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774


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Featured Event Venue: The Hall Terrace

Located at the Hall Arts Dallas, the Hall Terrace and the Texas Sculpture Walk are two stunning event spaces that provide contemporary event planning and catering services for corporate and private functions

outside event seated dinnerG Texas Catering Call: 214-421-0774 

Discover the beautiful Hall Arts Dallas Terrace and the scenic Texas Sculpture Walk for your next Corporate event or Social gathering

The Hall Terrace is a hidden treasure in the Hall Arts Dallas complex, with a prime view of the Dallas skyline for corporate functions, social gatherings or private events. This event venue is an excellent choice for guests looking to host intimate functions and gatherings in the Dallas Arts District, with two beautiful outdoor event spaces available for booking. The space provides ample accommodations and a flexible design to fit any event theme. Both the Hall Terrace and the Texas Sculpture walk feature an upscale setting and a modern design for hosting the most high-profile events. Comprehensive Catering by the Artisan Dallas and Event Services provided by G Texas Catering will deliver the best possible experience for your guests during your upcoming event. Our event planners will explore the endless potential of the space with skillful event planning, custom-designed catering menus, and hand-crafted cocktails.

Set atop the lofty Hall Arts Dallas building, the terrace offers a scenic view of the Dallas skyline and a vibrant backdrop for your corporate or private function. The Hall Terrace provides 4,262 sq. ft. of flexible event space that can be used for intimate or medium-sized functions. Guests can enjoy formal seated dinners for up to 200 or reception-style events for a guest count of up to 300. The terrace lawn is perfect for hosting a cocktail hour with a savory display of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and signature drinks for your guests. Live bands can be incorporated into the design of your event to provide ambient music during the cocktail hour, with tables and seating readily available to service your event needs. Our event planners are equipped with the necessary tools and vendor relationships to execute a flawless event for both you and your guests

terrace event venue

Innovative catering and event design in the heart of the Dallas Arts District

At the forefront of both event space’s design is a focus on contemporary sculpture and art. Hall Arts Dallas showcases a collection of innovative art from all over the world, and the Texas Sculpture Walk features 10 works by some of the state’s most renowned artists. The marriage of art and design provides tenants of the Hall arts complex and guests alike with a unique, first-hand experience of works that inspire imagination and productivity. The Texas Sculpture Walk delivers a lively setting for events and allows guests to explore a non-traditional approach to art with the strategic placement of these works on a landscaped walkway. The beautiful Sculpture Walk is an exceptional choice for any event, with approximately 9,805 sq. ft. of space for 300 seated guests and 400 reception-style. Guests will enjoy first-class accommodations while taking in the picturesque surroundings of the Hall Arts building.

plated saladG Texas Catering Call: 214-421-0774 

Catering provided by the Artisan Dallas and Event services by G Texas Catering will ensure that your event is managed efficiently. The Artisan offers extensive catering menus tailored to fit a variety of event settings, taking a farm-to-table approach to catering services with innovative culinary design. The artful culinary creations by our team of chefs at the Artisan are perfect for the events held at the Hall Terrace. Stationed or passed-hors d’oeuvres, plated dinners, and buffet-style service are catering options available to make your upcoming event a success. Both the Hall Terrace and the Texas Sculpture Walk are two exquisite event spaces that offer endless possibilities and impeccable services to execute your vision.  

If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774


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Featured Event Venue: The Cotton Mill 

A striking event space with a 100-year history, The Cotton Mill is a premier wedding venue in Dallas, Texas bringing “industrial elegance” to event planning and catering services 

The Cotton Mill 

                                                                                                                    G Texas Catering Call: 214-421-0774 

The Cotton Mill delivers a beautiful and historic event space for weddings and private events in Dallas, Texas. This event venue boasts an “industrial elegance” to suit any style or occasion. Built in 1910, the McKinney Cotton Mill once served as the largest denim manufacturer in the world.  Renovations to the property over the past 20 years has made it the thriving wedding and event venue it is today. One can still see traces of its history in these renovated event spaces, and specifically in the beautiful remnants of the Dye Room. The Cotton Mill offers a superb variety of event spaces, catering, and bar services for you take advantage of on your special day, making this venue an ideal location for your upcoming nuptials. Whether you’re dreaming of a gorgeous outdoor wedding or an elegant indoor reception, the Cotton Mill provides both settings for you to choose from. The venue’s versatility and the blank canvass of event space can be tailored to whatever vision you have in mind for your special event. The architectural beauty of this facility will create the rustic wedding of your dreams with a gorgeous scenery for photos.  

outside wedding ceremonyThe Cotton Mill provides three different event spaces for both large and small functions. The Indigo Room, also known as the “Dye Room”, delivers the perfect setting for outdoor ceremonies with its open space, brick walls, and arched windows. The remnants of the Dye room’s original foundation present an incredible backdrop for wedding photos as well. The raw beauty of this space is the perfect fusion of rustic and refined and will leave your guests in awe during the nuptials. Nestled between the Dye room and building is a stunning “hidden” garden area with a scenic waterfall and deck that can be used for the cocktail hour. This time will allow the bride and groom to take photos after the ceremony while guests mingle and enjoy a delicious variety of tray-passed hors-d’oeuvres and signature cocktails provided by our catering and bar services team.   

 historic and rustic wedding venue in Dallas, Texas  

Double wooden doors open to the Event Hall, which provides over 9,000 sq. ft. of event space to accommodate up to 400 guests. The rustic qualities of this event space and the exposed brick walls create the perfect ambiance for a breathtaking ceremony. The room can be adorned with the décor of your choice to bring a refined elegance to the event space. The Event Hall can be utilized for either large or small weddings and receptions, and for smaller parties, both the wedding and reception can be held in the same room. The Grand Hallway is also a gorgeous indoor venue for your ceremony or reception with hardwood maple flooring and a stunning view of the garden area that is visible through the Event Hall.  Both spaces will allow you to celebrate your special day with style and grace, and your guests will enjoy the history and charm of this venue.  

The Cotton Mill ensures that every detail of your wedding is impeccably handled and executed. The venue provides wonderful amenities that include Security, Tables, Chairs, Porter Service and a Bridal Suite. The Bridal Suite delivers generous features to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the bridal party before the ceremony. With a little over 500 sq. ft. of space, the suite offers a stunning chandelier in the closet for taking pictures of the wedding dress, a refrigerator to stock with your favorite snacks and beverages, and hair and makeup stations for the getting-ready process. To complement the design of your event, the G Texas Catering team provides catering and bar services that can be customized to your needs. From beautifully plated dishes to buffet-style service, our team will craft menus that reflect the vision for your event. Additionally, our Bar Services team will work with brides-to-be to craft signature, crowd-pleasing cocktails that tie-in with the overall theme of the wedding. From concept to completion, our event staff will ensure that everything runs smoothly and is done in excellence to create a unique and unforgettable experience for any occasion or setting.  

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Featured Event Venue: Southside on Lamar

The artistic elements of the Southside on Lamar event venue in Dallas, Texas offers a fresh take on event planning and catering services

South side

An event venue rich with personality and history, South Side on Lamar provides a unique experience for hosting weddings, social events, corporate meetings and more. This National Historic Landmark once served as the Sears merchandise center, and guests can still enjoy the cultural and historical significance of this space despite its modern and notably artistic transformation. Southside on Lamar offers a variety of rooms and settings for any party or occasion, and the spacious accommodations provide endless opportunities when planning your next event.


With a prime location in historic downtown Dallas, Southside on Lamar offers corporate clients a venue that’s centrally located and brimming with creative potential. This brick complex has stood on the south side of downtown for more than 100 years, offering guests local history with a modern touch. The variety of event spaces this facility has to offer can be utilized for fundraisers, meetings, mixers, receptions and luncheons can find an event space tailored to their specific party needs. This venue also features architectural elements that include exposed brick, original fixtures and panoramic views. Its noted artistic flare has made it one of Dallas’ premier locations for film shoots, photography, music videos and television shows. However, event planners can still take advantage of the blank canvass of event space and incorporate the venue’s artistic features into the event design. Whether your upcoming event is formal or casual, our event planning and catering staff will cultivate your vision to design virtually any style of corporate function. 

Southside on Lamar is the perfect wedding venue in Dallas for the Modern Bride

A vibrant event space with notable character, Southside on Lamar is the perfect wedding venue for the contemporary bride. With its simplistic design and original furnishings, this space offers a versatility to serve any event purpose. Our event planners will decorate the facility to reflect your personal style and taste to create the wedding of your dreams. This venue is a breath of fresh air for soon-to-be-brides looking for a less than traditional wedding venue. The facility offers an open and “unfinished” touch that’s ideal for event planners looking to flex their creative chops. Custom Catering menus provided by our amazing team of chefs will also reflect the vision for your event, along with handcrafted cocktails by our bar services team to complete the night’s celebrations. If you’re looking for an innovate and stylish wedding venue, Southside on Lamar is an exceptional choice.

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Featured Event Venue: The Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum is a timeless event venue in Dallas, Texas that conveys a rich history and unprecedented style with its event planning and catering services.

old red museum event venue

Better known as “Old Red”, this 1892 Romanesque Courthouse was once the heart of Dallas County life and government. With timeless elements that can be tailored to any event setting, this venue is great for corporate events, social gatherings and private parties. Despite its transformations, The Old Red Museum incorporates many of the features and architectural elements from its original standing. The historical and cultural significance of this event space presents an environment brimming with photo opportunities. Pictures set against the venue’s grand entryways made of marble and stone or the beautifully restored Grand Staircase provide the perfect backdrop for your special event.

The Old Red Museum is a classic wedding venue in Dallas, Texas

Old Red Museum Wedding

Many nuptials have been held in The Old Red Museum, and the historic rooms still maintain their original grace and appeal for guests wanting a more traditional wedding. The venue’s largest rental space, The Great Hall, features 20-foot ceilings, chandeliers, Victorian color schemes and exquisite arches that accentuate the building’s original architectural design. Guests will find that the space’s refinement and beauty make for a stunning event. The Hatton W. Sumners Courtroom is another spectacular room that accommodates up to 120 guests for ceremonies. Additionally, the Restoration Room holds up to 250 guests and offers an area in one of the Old Red’s turrets for your ceremony. A private bridal suite is also available for weddings, providing plenty of space to dress and prepare before the nuptials. During the reception, guests have access to the museum level where they can mingle while enjoying appetizers and cocktails prepared by our incredible catering and bar services team.

The Restoration Room may be a premier choice for weddings, but it’s also an ideal event space to host your corporate party. This stately room can accommodate up to 120 guests with the inclusion of tables and chairs for corporate meetings or functions. The Great Hall can also seat up to 300 guests with spacious accommodations for catering services. The variety of rooms and color schemes available allows the G Texas Catering team to cater and design an event tailored to your specific vision.

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