Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tastings


Event planners in Dallas are always looking for new ways to create a “WOW” factor for their clients. One way to do this is to incorporate entertainment into your guest’s culinary experience. Interactive bar stations have become one of the most popular trends for bar catering in Dallas. One of our favorite ways to incorporate excitement into bar service at an event is a Whiskey Tasting.  

The great thing about a Whiskey Tasting is that it entertains as well as educates. Generally, five or six whiskeys are chosen for the tasting. You can choose these based on personal preference or because they are alike (whiskeys from Texas) or because they are entirely different (bourbon, rye, scotch). During a Whiskey Tasting, an expert mixologist will share a variety of details about each whiskey and teach you a bit about the way whiskey is created and the differences between them. Unlike wine tastings, little emphasis is placed on the look and color. The majority of the tasting focuses on isolating the strong and subtle flavor differences.

Bar Catering in Dallas Whiskey Tastings

Bar Catering in Dallas: Flavors Found in Whiskey

Whiskeys are varied in taste due to the ingredients used to create it. For example, flavors can change based on the flavor of the water used in malting, or the different types of grain or grain combinations. The barrels are also a factor. These interesting combinations are what makes each whiskey special. According to experts, five different qualities may appear in whiskey:

·         Sweet Aromatics, such as chocolate or caramel

·         Spice, such as ginger or nutmeg

·         Fruit and floral, such as plum or lavender

·         Wood, such as oak or cigar box

·         Grain, such as corn or barley

Bar Catering in Dallas: How Do You Taste Whiskey?

During a Whiskey Tasting, an expert mixologist will teach you how to taste the whiskey in a way that will allow you to fully appreciate all its flavors. Part of this process is learning to detect the aromas within each whiskey. The whiskey in the glass divides into three parts: the bottom holds the heartier scent, the middle holds the stronger, acidic elements and the top of the glass contains the lighter scents. Each person’s sense of smell can detect millions of scents. The smell begins in the nose and travels into the nasal cavity and passageway. When tasting whiskey, vary the way you draw air into your nose, sometimes deeply and sometimes lightly to best sample all the subtleties of the liquor. Also, during the tasting, occasionally drink small amounts of mineral water to cleanse the palate.

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Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 1

In order to enhance the experience, do not place nose directly over the glass. Instead, hold the glass where the top of the glass is above your nose. Try not to move the glass, no swirling, but allow the scent to remain concentrated and wait for it to come to your nose. This is where you will contact the lighter, softer elements such as fruit or floral hints from the top of the glass.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 2

Turn the glass onto its side, perpendicular to your face. Hold as steady as possible. Now you can smell the heavier scents such as woody, earthy elements at the bottom of the glass. Next move the glass upward slightly to smell the middle of the glass. These usually smell spicy, winey or malty.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Whiskey Tasting Step 3

Now that you have isolated the different parts of the whiskey, it is time to taste. Taste the whiskey in tiny sips and hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds to let the full flavor come out. Move it to the front and back of your tongue to reveal all the flavors. After swallowing the sip, exhale deeply to taste the ‘finish’ of the whiskey.

One additional step you may want to try is to add a drop or two of room temperature mineral water to open up the taste of the whiskey. Be careful – too much water may dilute the flavor.

Bar Catering in Dallas: Book a Whiskey Tasting

Not only is each whiskey unique, but preferences are also different. Matching a whiskey to someone is not as easy. Your preference may be entirely different from your best friend’s favorite. Our Expert Mixologists will take you on a personal journey to find your favorite whiskey when you book a Whiskey Tasting with G Texas Catering.

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