From Start to Finish: Our Comprehensive Catering Services For Any Dallas Occasion

Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly

Hiring a catering company can be, well, daunting, and we understand that. So, we wanted to take the time to talk about our processes and why working with G Texas can be less overwhelming. We are a full-service company, which means our job doesn’t just begin and end with the food. With years of combined experience, we can also assist you in finding the perfect venue, selecting the best vendors, guiding the vision for your event, and even helping with the breakdown and cleanup. (Yes, you read that correctly!) Let’s dive right in, and learn how to plan an event from start to finish with our comprehensive catering services for any Dallas occasion!

Before: Planning With Our Experts

Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly
Our entire team is dedicated to execute the vision seamlessly

Our team has a wide array of experience when it comes to planning and designing both your menu and the overall experience you’d like to create for your guests. We listen to your vision and goals for the event and then apply our years of combined experience to guide you. G Texas creates the complete scene from the moment the guest enters to when they depart.

From menu planning and preparation to decor and ambiance, our team of professionals can handle everything needed to bring your vision to life. Our expertise in the industry and several contacts across the DFW metroplex make the process of planning an event seamless, no matter the size.

What makes our service so unique in its comprehensiveness isn’t that it ties together catering and events – it’s that it combines our team’s years of event experience in festivals, corporate events, weddings, and so much more right in the heart of Dallas. From elegant to artistic and everything in between, our goal in planning is to create lasting memories for guests and ensure that the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Executing the Vision

Executing the event planning is G Texas' specialty
Executing the event planning is G Texas’ specialty

Hiring a full-service catering company to execute your vision and combine all the pieces seamlessly can save you time and stress. We have an entire team dedicated to showing up on-site to prepare everything you need so you don’t need to focus on catering or event-related details. We’re here to make the execution as seamless as possible from start to finish. Our team comes complete with an entire operations service to ensure that you have communications at all times during the event!


After: Cleanup and Breakdown

We plan the cleanup and break down for youMany of us have been there – it’s the end of the night, and your event has officially ended. Now the dreaded cleanup happens. When planning an event, this is an often overlooked aspect, and it’s a dreadful task for most individuals. At G Texas Catering, we help with cleanup and breakdown at the end of the night. All you have to do is let us know what needs to be saved, and we’ll handle the rest. You can head home and relax knowing everything is taken care of by our team.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer here at G Texas Catering or to request a quote for your next event.

Locally Sourced Ingredients: Homegrown

local-farm in Dallas -header
Homegrown at G Texas Catering
Homegrown at G Texas Catering

Fresh Farm to Table Foods

Locally Sourced Ingredients. It’s a word that we hear frequently in the south but means so much more than being proud of the region we come from. Locally Sourced Ingredients at G Texas Catering means we are also proud to source non-GMO produce from local farms from right here in our own backyard. Take our Heirloom and Beefsteak tomatoes for instance. These delectable beauties come from Amelia’s farm in Bells, Texas. We have personally visited these farms to meet our farmers and see that the operation is pesticide-free and non-GMO grown. You can literally taste the difference between these top quality tomatoes and those that are commercially grown in every bite.


Homegrown at G Texas Catering

Locally Sourced Ingredients

When you take a bit of G Texas stewed okra and tomatoes or dig into one of my Louisiana favorites, G Texas Gumbo, the flavors and freshness of locally grown produce makes the dishes even more mouthwatering! Our okra is sourced from a great Texas family farm, the Reeves Farms in Princeton, Texas. This is a true family farm that takes pride in their okra crop, producing 5000 pounds a day during the peak season, handpicked one piece at a time. We spent the afternoon with the Reeves family just a few weeks ago. Fine sustainable farming from people who really do care, just like us here at G Texas.

Homegrown at G Texas CateringHomegrown at G Texas Catering


Creative Craft


The Craft Beer

revival continues. 2000 small independent brewers in the US continue to create an unbelievable variety of innovative products that embody quality, personality, and flavor. The culinary staff at G Texas is no stranger to the passion that goes into creating an innovative product and they have developed recipes that pair perfectly with some of the most popular craft beers in our region.
The Community Beer Company began brewing great products to fit almost any taste in January of 2013. Not only do they brew great beer, they also offer tours of the plant, live music and a great place to enjoy one of DFW’s favorite beers. The venue can be rented for private events as well. G Texas has had the privilege to provide catering services for many of these events and create custom menus that incorporate their best known products.

Mosaic Mac and Cheese

Macaroni Noodle in Cheddar IPA sauce topped with toasted panko bread crumbs
Beer Craft and Culinary

Legion Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate and Stout Cupcakes filled with caramel sauce and topped with Bailey’s Buttercream
Beer Craft and Culinary

Hissy Fit Rosemary Bread

Beer Craft and Culinary Another great place to find a great Craft Beer and a very unique event space is Bitter Sister’s Brewery in Addison. We were pleased to provide an upscale dinner menu here for Nationstar Mortgage that featured some other great Craft Beer Food Pairings.
Beer Craft and Culinary

Pastry Design Perfection


Pastry Design Perfection

The perfect meal starts with planning and, of course selecting the perfect menu to suit the vision of the planner and the group that is to be served.  Every element should come together to create a symphony of flavors and aromas.  Desserts and pastry designs are the Chef’s opportunity to present a “Grand Finale” of flavor and presentation that the guest will remember forever.

For years we have baked incredible desserts like Amaretto Bread Pudding, Fresh Baked Cobblers, and pies of all kinds, in 2015 we were blessed with a true professional in the Pastry Arts that has transformed our pastry department.  The plated desserts and pastry tables presented by Chef Maria Reveles are truly works of art.



Maria has used her experience which has been sharpened over 15 years of pastry design for Neiman Marcus and Nick & Sam’s to build a team that can create cutting-edge dessert pairings for most any menu. No “out of the box” pastries are acceptable, even for the largest of groups.

As it has been said, people eat with their eyes. Pastry designs have become a centerpiece for our events that have replaced simple buffet décor with colors, textures, and aromas that guests will never forget. Maria’s team now offers an Interactive Pastry Experience right in our corporate test kitchen, where guests are allowed to take part in the preparation of a variety of pastries, and of course, enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Corporate-Kitchen..Pastry Perfection

We can’t wait to see what ideas Maria and her incredible team come up with next!


Custard-Berries.Pastry PerfectionPastry-1.Pastry Perfection Pastry-2.Pastry Perfection Pastry Perfection Pastry Perfection Pastry-5.Pastry Perfection