Big Corporations and Even Bigger Events


With major corporate headquarters and offices relocating to Dallas, the Event Planning Industry is expected to experience a spike in event activity.

The relocation of companies like Liberty Mutual, FedEx, JP Morgan Chase and Boeing are bringing an influx of business and jobs to the Dallas area. Toyota is the biggest of these additions to the Legacy West project in Plano, with an estimated 4,000 jobs to be brought over to its new headquarters. These developments are expected to add nearly $1 billion to the Plano economy and provide local economic growth as well. With Dallas’ central location and economic incentives, more corporations are looking to relocate their offices and be a part of the upward mobility of the Texas infrastructure.

So what does this mean for the event planning and catering industry?


The relocation of major corporate offices to the Dallas area causes a ripple effect on other industries, and more specifically, the event and catering industry. In addition to providing economic growth for the local economy, these businesses will also connect with industry professionals to help them host corporate events and meetings.

An expected increase in dining activities will bring an influx of corporate employees to local restaurants and catering services. For the G Texas Catering Family, this is not only an opportunity to connect with new businesses, but to also welcome them with our regional flavors and Southern hospitality.

We are excited about the culinary innovations and special events in store for us with these new developments.

A Change is Brewing in the Dallas Arts District


Exciting developments are underway for 2017 in the Dallas Arts District. A groundbreaking was held for the $250 million Hall Arts Hotel and Residences project on April 21st and the city is moving forward.

Hall Arts Hotel and Residences project in Dallas Art District

The Hall Group is investing in revitalizing the image of the Dallas Arts District with new restaurants and residencies being built this year.

The hotel and residences are in its second stage of development. Just off of Flora Street will stand a 25-story residential high rise that is expected to house more than 40 condominiums. Right off the corner of Ross avenue and Leonard Street will stand a 183 room luxury hotel.

Developer Craig Hall stated that the final project will embellish the Arts District and hopefully produce more housing and visitors.

“Three years from now I hope we will see a much more vibrant community here, with a lot of people on the street. We’ll see a very safe, great neighborhood,” he said. “Right now, three million people come to the Arts District — but they come and go, they don’t come and stay. I want them to come and stay and walk around. I want the Dallas Arts District to be a place that’s talked about worldwide.”

Hall Arts Hotel and Residences project in Dallas Art District

Phase one of the project was completed back in 2015. This produced the 18 story KPMG Plaza office tower. G Texas has announced that it will be serving lunch everyday Monday through Friday out of the Terrance Bar. They will be introducing a limited market style menu first and then widen the menu throughout the weeks. You can find the contemporary menu here.

Soon G Texas will be offering delivery to the tenants of the KPMG building.

Last but not least, in the Fall of 2017, G Texas will be presenting their concept restaurant “The Artisan” to the KPMG building. The Artisan will offer a stylish and comfortable setting for executives and Arts District patrons to enjoy a freshly pressed cocktail accompanied by unique and flavorful chef-prepared bites and tapas.

Party Planning with Perfect Partners

Crashed Toys Party Planning with Perfect Partners

Party Planning with Perfect PartnersParty Planning

with Perfect Partners. Our clients come from a variety of different sources. A large number are professional meeting planners or event designers. Many others meet us at an event that they are attending as a guest and inquire about who has provided the catering and bar services. The largest number of all of our client’s come to us through our great venue partners.

Venues are obviously key in creating the perfect event. Great catering, entertainment and other event elements are important, but all of these are dependent on a venue team that understands what goes into building an event.
Our venue partners include upscale wedding facilities, elegant ballrooms, hotels, outdoor gardens, food truck yards, casual clubs, corporate meeting rooms and industrial warehouse spaces.

Choosing a Venue in DFW

When we get the opportunity to meet a group that has not selected a venue, we love helping them pick the perfect setting for their guests.

It all begins with the interview process. This is where we learn all about the purpose of the event and the vision that the planner has for their group.


Some of these questions include:

  • What is the expected attendance?
  • Is there a speaker or program planned?
  • Will all guests be seated or encouraged to mingle?
  • What entertainment and decor elements do they have in mind?
  • Is this a formal event or more of a casual party?
  • Are guests driving to the event or coming by motor coach?

Party Planning with Perfect PartnersThese are just a few of the many questions that go into understanding a client’s vision. As the caterer, we take time to get to know each venue we work with. We understand the strengths of each facility based on our experiences with their staff and observing the events they have hosted. Some respond quickly to client requests for information, quotes and contracts and work closely with our team to address every need of the client. Others take a more “hands-off” approach and simply rent the venue and turn over the planning and management to us completely. Either is great as long as we understand the needs of the client and provide the proper support needed to get a great plan in place and execute every step of the event process.Party Planning with Perfect PartnersParty Planning with Perfect Partners

Our venue partners are excited to offer information about our menus and the services we offer. We attend site visits and planning meetings knowing that communication is strong and we work together to direct the client in making the best choices for their event. Each space has it’s own unique personality and key elements that makes it perfect for a particular event. For one client, state of the art sound and lighting is critical, while for another it is a fun outdoor atmosphere that is important.


Party Planning with Perfect PartnersWhat we have learned is that aligning our selves with great partners is the key. Not just venues, but also other vendors, planners and designers who understand we will be doing this together for years to come. It works because we love to see the perfect event executed successfully and we know that with good partners this doesn’t have to be difficult.



Check out our venue partners and contact me or one of our sales team to get to know the perfect venue.


Locally Sourced Ingredients: Homegrown

local-farm in Dallas -header
Homegrown at G Texas Catering
Homegrown at G Texas Catering

Fresh Farm to Table Foods

Locally Sourced Ingredients. It’s a word that we hear frequently in the south but means so much more than being proud of the region we come from. Locally Sourced Ingredients at G Texas Catering means we are also proud to source non-GMO produce from local farms from right here in our own backyard. Take our Heirloom and Beefsteak tomatoes for instance. These delectable beauties come from Amelia’s farm in Bells, Texas. We have personally visited these farms to meet our farmers and see that the operation is pesticide-free and non-GMO grown. You can literally taste the difference between these top quality tomatoes and those that are commercially grown in every bite.


Homegrown at G Texas Catering

Locally Sourced Ingredients

When you take a bit of G Texas stewed okra and tomatoes or dig into one of my Louisiana favorites, G Texas Gumbo, the flavors and freshness of locally grown produce makes the dishes even more mouthwatering! Our okra is sourced from a great Texas family farm, the Reeves Farms in Princeton, Texas. This is a true family farm that takes pride in their okra crop, producing 5000 pounds a day during the peak season, handpicked one piece at a time. We spent the afternoon with the Reeves family just a few weeks ago. Fine sustainable farming from people who really do care, just like us here at G Texas.

Homegrown at G Texas CateringHomegrown at G Texas Catering


Creative Craft


The Craft Beer

revival continues. 2000 small independent brewers in the US continue to create an unbelievable variety of innovative products that embody quality, personality, and flavor. The culinary staff at G Texas is no stranger to the passion that goes into creating an innovative product and they have developed recipes that pair perfectly with some of the most popular craft beers in our region.
The Community Beer Company began brewing great products to fit almost any taste in January of 2013. Not only do they brew great beer, they also offer tours of the plant, live music and a great place to enjoy one of DFW’s favorite beers. The venue can be rented for private events as well. G Texas has had the privilege to provide catering services for many of these events and create custom menus that incorporate their best known products.

Mosaic Mac and Cheese

Macaroni Noodle in Cheddar IPA sauce topped with toasted panko bread crumbs
Beer Craft and Culinary

Legion Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes

Dark Chocolate and Stout Cupcakes filled with caramel sauce and topped with Bailey’s Buttercream
Beer Craft and Culinary

Hissy Fit Rosemary Bread

Beer Craft and Culinary Another great place to find a great Craft Beer and a very unique event space is Bitter Sister’s Brewery in Addison. We were pleased to provide an upscale dinner menu here for Nationstar Mortgage that featured some other great Craft Beer Food Pairings.
Beer Craft and Culinary