Recipe Building for Custom Catering

Butternut Squash Recipe Building for Custom Catering

Recipe Building for Custom Catering

The G Texas Catering culinary team specializes in creating custom menus and fulfilling special requests for clients. What happens when the client requests a dish or variation of a dish that isn’t in our extensive recipe book? Executive Chef Micheal Gooch writes one.

Unlike most restaurants, catered events feature a wide variety of menus and cooking styles. Many events call for regional flavors such as Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Creole or Barbecue while others include global cuisine from Asian flavors to Mediterranean and traditional Italian offerings.

It takes years and years of practice with culinary techniques, flavor profiles and learning the science behind the art to have the ability to create a proper recipe from scratch.

Custom Catering

To build a menu for a client requesting a specific theme, Chef Gooch researches culinary techniques, ingredients and traditions practiced in that culture. Combining research and his extensive culinary training, he not only replicates the dish but makes it his own. However, research and technique aren’t the only things that the Chef needs to consider when creating a recipe. In a restaurant environment, a meal is prepared and served immediately. At a catered event, we are often required to serve the meal several hours after preparation. Therefore, when a custom recipe is developed the chef must also consider:

* The event location

* The number of guests at the event

* Facilities available at the venue

* Demographics of the guests attending the event

* The style of service (seated dinner, buffet, chef-attended stations, tray passed, etc.)

All of these factors and many more will determine the types of food used, how it will be presented, how much food will be sent and how it will be transported to the event site. The Chef may be happy with the flavor profile and presentation of a meal at our corporate kitchen, but he must consider that the product temperature has to be maintained throughout delivery to the event venue and service to our guests.

If the venue has kitchen or preparation facilities the Culinary team will often deliver the components or “mise en place” to the venue and complete the preparation on site to ensure the meal is fresh and flavorful. Seasonings, garnishes and sauces are all carefully planned in the final plate presentation of the entree, Hors d’ Oeuvres or Dessert to be served.

Salmon G texas

Creating New Upscale, Modern Menus

The G Texas Catering culinary team doesn’t only create new menus at the request of our clients; creation is always at the forefront of Chef Gooch’s mind. The most sought-after event designers require menus and bar services that reflect their creativity and style. It’s important to anticipate and be able to create what people want. This ensures that G Texas Catering always has the most modern, upscale menu choices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The event industry is constantly changing to adapt to the latest trends and popular event themes. Due to these ever-changing trends, our culinary team is constantly designing new recipes to guarantee the execution of a delectable, personalized menu that your guests will remember.


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