Dallas Catering: Five Keys to Great Corporate Catering


Five Keys to Great Corporate Catering


Dallas is home to hundreds of catered social events every year. Weddings, fundraisers and holiday parties dominate the news and your social media feed! In addition to large social events and conventions, Dallas has become a destination for corporate giants to expand and for local start-up’s build their businesses. This constant influx of new and growing businesses has created a high demand for corporate catering in Dallas.  

Law firms, accounting firms and other businesses located in Downtown Dallas prefer to cater meals on-site during meetings instead of venturing to a restaurant. Meeting planners often arrange corporate catering for all-day events, such as executive meetings, employee appreciation, training or client functions. For these important days, a trusted caterer is responsible for setting up breakfast, transitioning to lunch and ensuring that the meals are ready on time at the height of freshness. In order to properly execute this type of corporate catering in Dallas, ensure that your staff is highly trained in these five key aspects:

Catering in Dallas Excellent Staff

Keys to Corporate Catering in Dallas: Excellent Staff

Corporations in Dallas pride themselves on being professional and strive to be the best in their field – they expect the same from their caterers. Impress your guests with staff that are well-trained to handle the specific type of event that they are catering and performs their duties quickly and efficiently. Set your staff up for success by providing them with detailed information, timelines and any special requests for every event – large or small. Corporations often require catering several times a week – if possible, often send the same staff to locations that we serve regularly to ensure they are familiar with the facility and client expectations.  

Keys to Corporate Catering in Dallas: Timing Is Everything

Since corporate catering allows businesses to have special meetings and events on-site, caterers in Dallas need to adapt to a new type of “venue.” Unlike a traditional event venue, many conference rooms or boardrooms are utilized for several events each day. The timing for set up and strike of catered meals is critical to ensure that the meeting room is prepared for its next event.

Catering in Dallas

Keys to Corporate Catering in Dallas: Communication

Unlike many social events that are planned months (sometimes years) in advance, corporate meetings or conferences are planned on the fly or have last minute changes/additions. Communication between sales and catering staff critical to executing a successful event.

Keys to Corporate Catering in Dallas: Expect the Unexpected

Being on time is imperative, and is not as easy as one may think in Dallas. Office towers are high-traffic sites. Many delivery trucks, vendors and employees come and go randomly. Caterers must allow extra time for challenging parking issues and crowded service elevators. Many unexpected issues may arise but, with proper planning and preparation, they are easily resolved.

Corporate catering

Keys to Corporate Catering in Dallas: Be Prepared

Often times, caterers are not allowed to stay and continually replenish a buffet during a meeting or conference. It is important to provide a sufficient amount of portions of each item served (always prepare for a few extra guests) and to bring the correct service equipment to maintain proper food temperatures over an extended amount of time.

G Texas Catering: Corporate Catering in Dallas

Our corporate partners keep us busy every week with orders for all-day service, lunch service and even snacks between meetings! Some of the most popular items on the G Texas Catering corporate catering menu are assorted breakfast tacos, pastries and fruit, yogurt parfaits, trail mix, granola bars, box lunches, salad boxes, our Monterey menu, salad bars and dessert trays.

Preparing and executing a corporate event or meeting is very different than planning a social event – it is very fast-paced and can be a challenge logistically. With a little extra communication, top-notch staff and proper preparation – you can create a successful corporate event in Dallas.

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