Featured Event Venue: The Pearl at Sabine Creek

The Pearl at Sabine Creek creates cherished memories for its guests with a beautiful colonial-style wedding and event venue featuring premium event planning and catering services in Dallas, Texas 

The Pearl at Sabine Creek - G Texas

The Pearl presents a charming event space for private events and weddings in Dallas 

The Pearl at Sabine Creek offers a beautiful ranch setting for weddings and private events with a colonial-style event venue. The southern lure of the facility and its beautiful amenities offers guests the opportunity to create cherished memories with friends and family. For brides-to-be, the Pearl captures the beauty of southern culture with a noted charm for wedding ceremonies. This event venue delivers an exquisite rural backdrop for your nuptials with its plantation-style setting, presenting incredible photo opportunities. Guests booking a private event or wedding at the facility will also enjoy exclusive access to the property and grounds, as well as comprehensive catering and bar services on the day of their event. This impressive event venue delivers a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests and accommodates a range of event settings, including but not limited to, weddings, anniversary parties, galas, and other private events.  

The Pearl at Sabine Creek - G Texas

Nestled within 8 acres of natural surroundings in Royse City, Texas, The Pearl at Sabine Creek grants more than enough space for large and small functions. A combined effort by owners Barry and Connie to erect an event space where guests can create timeless memories, one can see the incredible benefits and features this venue provides prospective clients. The private surroundings of the expansive countryside and the impressive design and structure of the building will bring style and grace to any event. The venue’s spacious rooms and floor plans will allow you the flexibility to host events of every style and scale. For those who wish to utilize the venue’s outdoor space for their next special celebration, the scenic beauty of the Sabine Creek countryside will also complement these occasions. 

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The Pearl at Sabine Creek is an up-and-coming event venue with a capacity to fit up to 300 guests, presenting a classic appeal that caters to wedding celebrations. Dedicated to creating the best possible experience for the bride, groom and wedding guests on this special day, the Pearl offers a range of beautiful and exclusive amenities. The event venue includes two large suites for the bride and groom that have been specifically tailored with their comfort in mind. The Bridal Suite provides a private bathroom, surround mirrors, dressing areas and vanities for the getting-ready process before the ceremony. The Grooms Suite offers a private bathroom as well with premium locker-style

 amenities that include 2 screen TVs, an Xbox gaming unit, and bar. This wedding venue delivers additional perks to make for a stunning event, featuring a ballroom with high ceilings, mezzanine with Juliette- balconies, and a Grand Staircase for both the bride and groom to make their entrance. An ample amount of natural lighting, sparkling chandeliers, specialty up-lighting, and focal lighting will also set the mood and tone for your event, and the large dance hall will keep your guests entertained throughout the night. Other amenities include a dedicated selfie-photo booth room with accompanying backdrops and the option to choose from an indoor or outdoor ceremony, with forever green turf grass to create the picture-perfect setting. The Pearl’s natural landscape will complement the design of your wedding and accentuate the gorgeous elements of your celebration.  

Catering and Bar Services for any style or occasion 

The Pearl at Sabine Creek offers catering, bar and event planning services to make your event a success. Whether you’re looking for a buffet-style service or a seated dinner reception for your wedding, G Texas Catering will create first-class menus that both you and your guests will love. Our turn-key bar services are also the perfect pairing for your event and our bar services team will work with you to craft signature cocktails of your choosing to be served to your wedding guests. Both the catering and bar services team will take careful measures and considerations when planning your menus to create the perfect night for your wedding or special event. The Pearl provides a spacious prep kitchen area for our team to complete the finishing touches and deliver your service with excellence. The vision for your event will be communicated and reviewed by all of our staff and the Pearl will ensure that the setup and break down of your event is handled by their experienced team. The event venue also provides an on-site venue manager on the day of your event to handle any potential issues that may arise. Regardless of the size or occasion of your event, the facility, and our team will provide you with the highest-quality experience and service for your special day. 

If you are interested in booking this venue for your next eventcontact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774 


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Featured Event Venue: Serendipity Labs Dallas Hall Arts

Dallas meetings and events can be personalized to fit your business’s needs with catering and event planning services at the Serendipity Labs office in Dallas, Texas.

coworking office space

Dallas Coworking offices delivering high-quality professional experiences

Serendipity Labs offers flexible office spaces for business professionals in the Dallas Arts District. Coworking options, meeting and events, private offices and team rooms are readily available to meet your professional needs. The “inspired” workplace design fosters creativity, allowing business professionals to collaborate with one another. The variety of work settings will allow your team to plan high-profile meetings which can be supplemented with catering services to accommodate your clients or coworkers. In addition to corporate catering packages, these beautiful and upscale offices feature a variety of in-house services and first-rate technology to maintain a productive work environment for your team. These coworking spaces provide you with the privacy and flexibility needed to thrive in the workplace. With professionals no longer limited to corporate offices to succeed in their career, coworking has become an ideal option. Serendipity offers a unique workplace experience, incorporating the provisions of the corporate office with an environment that features a range of work settings for you to choose from. The benefits of a coworking space are much more comprehensive than complimentary coffee, printing, and access to premium snacks. For Dallas professionals, this space allows them to break away from the corporate office regime with a refreshing environment that offers a range of services to stimulate creative and professional development. Whether you’re looking for creativity and collaboration, or a private and distraction-free workplace, Serendipity will deliver whatever professional setting you need.


Reach out to one of our event planners

corporate event

Comprehensive Catering and Bar Service packages for corporate events and meetings

With full-time dedicated offices for group sizes of 4-8, Dallas professionals can utilize these spaces for their corporate meetings. Workplace memberships will accommodate full-time and part-time coworking, with team rooms and private offices available. Serendipity at Dallas Hall Arts also features 6 meeting rooms to seat up to 50 clients, and you can expect to receive premium amenities and exclusive access to a variety of services. Professionals can also enjoy catered lunches during their busy schedule for meetings held within these conference rooms. G Texas Catering provides comprehensive corporate catering packages so that you can remain productive without having to leave the office. These catering services can also be tailored to your client’s needs with a premium list of food offerings to choose from. With the addition of our new restaurant concept, The Artisan, opening in late Spring, business professionals at the Serendipity Labs office will also have the option to choose from a large selection of chef-prepared meals and grab-n-go entrees. Located in the Dallas Hall Arts Building, the Artisan provides convenient access to a delicious craft kitchen and bar for professionals that are looking to leave the office but stay within the Hall Arts complex. It will also be offering an in-office meal delivery service for those that do not want to disrupt their busy work routine. 

The spacious first floor of the Serendipity Labs office can be utilized as an event venue with a capacity to fit up to 100 guests. This event space features a stunning view of the sculpture walk and offers upscale catering and bar services during corporate events. Guests can enjoy a delicious array of stationed or tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and premium hand-crafted cocktails while attending these functions. The facility, and our event planners, will ensure that both you and your guests have the necessary resources for a successful and enjoyable event. A dedicated event planner will also take charge and assist you in planning your next high-profile meeting or corporate function. The spacious floor plans at Serendipity Labs grant flexibility in tailoring the event design to your vision.  Our event planners take the time to understand the needs of both you and your guests, and events are planned carefully to guarantee flawless execution.

If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us or one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774

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Featured Event Venue: The Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum is a timeless event venue in Dallas, Texas that conveys a rich history and unprecedented style with its event planning and catering services.

old red museum event venue

Better known as “Old Red”, this 1892 Romanesque Courthouse was once the heart of Dallas County life and government. With timeless elements that can be tailored to any event setting, this venue is great for corporate events, social gatherings and private parties. Despite its transformations, The Old Red Museum incorporates many of the features and architectural elements from its original standing. The historical and cultural significance of this event space presents an environment brimming with photo opportunities. Pictures set against the venue’s grand entryways made of marble and stone or the beautifully restored Grand Staircase provide the perfect backdrop for your special event.

The Old Red Museum is a classic wedding venue in Dallas, Texas

Old Red Museum Wedding

Many nuptials have been held in The Old Red Museum, and the historic rooms still maintain their original grace and appeal for guests wanting a more traditional wedding. The venue’s largest rental space, The Great Hall, features 20-foot ceilings, chandeliers, Victorian color schemes and exquisite arches that accentuate the building’s original architectural design. Guests will find that the space’s refinement and beauty make for a stunning event. The Hatton W. Sumners Courtroom is another spectacular room that accommodates up to 120 guests for ceremonies. Additionally, the Restoration Room holds up to 250 guests and offers an area in one of the Old Red’s turrets for your ceremony. A private bridal suite is also available for weddings, providing plenty of space to dress and prepare before the nuptials. During the reception, guests have access to the museum level where they can mingle while enjoying appetizers and cocktails prepared by our incredible catering and bar services team.

The Restoration Room may be a premier choice for weddings, but it’s also an ideal event space to host your corporate party. This stately room can accommodate up to 120 guests with the inclusion of tables and chairs for corporate meetings or functions. The Great Hall can also seat up to 300 guests with spacious accommodations for catering services. The variety of rooms and color schemes available allows the G Texas Catering team to cater and design an event tailored to your specific vision.

If you are interested in booking this venue for your next corporate or private function, contact us one of our Sales Professionals at (214) 421-0774.

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10 Things to Know to Plan Your Companies Corporate Event

Planning Your Companies Corporate Event

It doesn’t matter if your company has 10 employees or 10,000, planning corporate events on your own can be quite time-consuming and stressful, especially when you’re having to maintain your current responsibilities while doubling as an event planner. To help you be the ideal event coordinator for your company, we’ve got 10 things that’ll you certainly want to know before you start planning any corporate events.



catering service plan, G Texas Custom Catering is a leader in DFW catering and special events, bar services and event design for some of the area’s top venues and meeting planners

  1. Create an Event Planning Checklist

The worst mistake you can make when planning corporate events is to not start with a clear checklist and plan of attack. The main items you want to have on an event planning checklist include: setting a date, deciding on a budget, booking a venue, deciding on food catering, booking guest speakers, creating and sending out invitations, etc.


  1. Know Your Budget

First and foremost, you need to set your budget for planning corporate events. When you’re thinking about this, remember that your costs don’t just include booking the venue, catering services, decorations and any special guest speakers/ entertainment. Your budget should also consider the cost of printing any handouts, presentations, signage and purchasing awards if applicable.



corporate event planning


  1. Book Guests Speakers as Soon as Possible

While some corporate events may not call for a guest speaker, if yours does, you’ll want to book them as soon as possible. Make sure that you have a few options for guest speakers because you never know if your first choice will be available. A good rule of thumb is to have two to three times as many guest speakers in mind than you do slots.



  1. Scout Multiple Venues

Even if you have your heart set on a certain venue for your corporate event, it’s always best practice to have several in mind. If the venue you want is on the pricier side of your budget, you may want to consider another venue. However, you could also adjust your costs elsewhere such as with guest speakers or food.



custom event planning

  1. Get Quotes from Multiple Catering Companies

For the most cost-effective corporate event, you should get multiple quotes from various catering services. When looking at catering companies, you want to consider their entire catering menu and craft the meal from there. Think about the style of event you want to have, and that will help you decide on food. If it’s more of a laid-back event meant for people to have a good time, then you can never go wrong with BBQ catering!


corporate event invites

  1. Spread the Word Early

To ensure that everyone you invite will be able to make it, you want to send out invitations for your corporate event as soon as possible. Even if it’s a quick email to the whole company letting them know of the dates and telling them that an official invite with more information will come later, that’s fine. This is all about making people aware of the event.



G Texas Custom Catering is a leader in DFW catering and special events, bar services and event design for some of the area’s top venues and meeting planners




  1. Don’t Forget About Spouses, Families and Significant Others

If your corporate event is going to be for more than just employees and clients, you’ll want to make that very clear in the invite and make sure you get an approximate headcount. This number will be extremely important, and you should preemptively have a ballpark number in mind when booking the venue.



  1. Consider How the Event Should Flow

Do you plan on giving out awards or having guests speakers or anything like that? If so, it’s important that you think about how you want the event to flow. It’s best to create a “Run of Show,” which outlines the event step by step. When guests will arrive, when they’ll eat, when the guest speaker will talk and so on and so forth.


10 Things to Know to Plan Your Companies Corporate Event Keywords: catering services, event planner, event coordinator, food catering, BBQ catering, catering companies, catering menu, corporate events, event planning checklist


  1. Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

The last thing you want is to put in all this work just to have your guests feel awkward or not know where to go once they arrive. You should have a dedicated person or group of people who will welcome your guests and show them where to go to check in or get to their table.


  1. Enjoy the Event

Last but not least, you’ve put in all this work as your company’s event planner, and now it’s time to enjoy all your hard work. Go talk to your guests, and engage in discussions with clients. However, make sure you stick to safe topics of discussion and avoid any red button talking points. At the end of the day, if you’re having fun at your event, then chances are your guests are having a good time too.

Being your own event coordinator can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these 10 things in mind the next time you’re planning a corporate event, and the process will certainly be easier.

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